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  1. piwakawaka

    Question Laptop CPU stuck at 0.4 GHz

    I've got a problem with my Swift 3 laptop and I've spent a couple of hours searching for a solution, to no avail. I have a Swift SF314-41 (N17W7) which has a Ryzen 3500U CPU. The problem started yesterday without any obvious changes (no Windows updates, no damage, no new software, etc) and is...
  2. G

    Solved! "CPU throttled at 91% by Windows" possibly overheating?

    Hello all! I have bought a few days ago new Acer Aspire A515-52-394A with i3-8145U, 8GB ram, 250GB SSD, Windows10 Home and i am very glad with the purchase. However, after performing userbenchmark tests several times, i always get the following warning:" CPU throttled at 91% by Windows...
  3. A

    Strange throttling, cpu blockade at 0,8GHz.

    Hello forum members! Usually I'm a passive user of the Internet and I search for problems instead of asking in posts, but this time I am really powerless. I've got problems with my 6 months old "gaming" laptop Lenovo Legion Y520-15 IKBA. Few days ago I forgot to plug in the power supply and I...
  4. C

    Laptop CPU i7-7700HQ High Temps?

    I just purchased a Gigabyte P55 series Laptop equipped with Processor : i7-7700HQ Video Card : GTX 1060 6GB
  5. E

    Clevo P775DM3-G / 3XS / Octane / Sager / Eurocom i7 7700k overheating throttling

    Hi everyone, I recently got Clevo P775DM3-G / 3XS / Octane / Sager / Eurocom or call it however you want. And I've got few issues with it. My (3XS) system is running at stock settings on: 17" 4k Display i7 7700k Kaby Lake Geforce GTX 1080 8GB 8GB RAM 2133Mhz 2x SSD (Raid) When running on Idle...
  6. M

    Laptop throttles power when AC adapter plugged in (TDP Throttle)

    I have a Acer E1-570 laptop, it throttles power when AC adapter plugged in. So, Intel HD 4000 clock speed goes down I can't play. I guess it happens for fast charging the laptop. How can I disable power throttling? (not CPU throttling, CPU is OK) Guess it will help. What is Ring/Package Power...
  7. L

    fully reset twice and still cannot solve this problem!!

    3 days before my GS60 2qe's temp suddenly went way up(60cpu, 50gpu, idle / 90cpu, 70gpu, gaming), then I started finding solution I have been treating it very carefully, I thought of the new bios I just updated, CPU throttling problem, vsync or whatnot even virus, I ran like 5 different...
  8. A

    Throttling when charging, Normal when unplugged

    Hello everyone So i have this laptop Lenovo g5080 i5 5200 2.2ghz 4gb ram windows 8.1 single language 64 bit amd radeon hd 8500m/ intel hd graphics 5500 So my problem is that i usually play league of legends a pc multiplayer game which is not that heavy would come under medium range graphics...
  9. F

    Choosing Laptop with 940m

    I found a laptop with 940m : 1. lenovo u41-70 2. asus A/K/X555LB Those laptop have same spec (i5 5200, geforce 940m). But i'm not sure because : 1. when i buy lenovo, I worried about the battery, because in some review, it has a short battery life. But it has nice performance,and thermal...
  10. A

    How to fix AMD Laptop APU throttling when gaming

    READ THIS IF YOU WANT THAT FPS BOOST (HP Pavilion G7-2251dx and probably many other AMD laps based on A-x apu's) *This is for the A8-4500 apu but may also work for you* (depending on you laptop you may need to download AMD´s Overdrive in my case CCC wont allow me to tweak those options) Hey I...
  11. K

    Dell Latitude E6400 - Overheating and CPU throttling

    Hi guys! I have a serious problem with my Dell Latitude E6400. Whenever I watch a Youtube 1080p video for a long time (+10 minutes), I get the CPU throttling down to 0.66Ghz. I've got a Intel Core2Duo P8400 2.27Ghz CPU, 4GB DDR2 800Mhz and Intel Familly HD video card with Windows 8.1 Pro 64...
  12. M

    How can I stop throttling of Asus Zenbook UX305?

    Do you guys know how can I stop throttling of Asus Zenbook UX305? I tried throttlestop and it didn't work. Any comment will help. Thanks.