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    Solved! Church Speakers - Can I test voltage on speaker wire?

    Hey everyone, I have taken over the sound system maintenance for our church and last year we replaced our old mixer with a powered mixer. We currently have two speakers that work with the system but over the year I found two speakers that weren't working and I am not sure if they ever worked...
  2. A

    I lost my laptop , outlook account is there ib it ,how can i trace it ? Any solution ?

    Lost my dell laptop , outlook account is there in it , how can i trace my laptop by using outlook account ?. Kindly resove the issue ASAP As ididnt have much time
  3. B

    Solved! Trace IP of email

    Is email sent by webmail like gmail and outlook can be traced the IP of the sender?
  4. C

    looking for an answer

    how can i trace my oppo f7 using imei.
  5. J

    Solved! how can i trace my phone using EMEI but the data of my phone was not open

    i want my cellphone to be back as soon as possible
  6. A

    how to find my mobile

    how to trace my lost mobile huawei p20 lite plzz hlp me alrdy 2 days over plzz hlp me
  7. J

    Solved! How can i do dis wen am not seein d move photo's non at all

    I had a space i decided to move a folder (wats app) to ma sd card....nw i click on d sd card n not seein no trace of it
  8. S

    Who I can trace my mobile in map with the help of imei code

    Some one steal my mobile
  9. G

    Solved! How to trace my sim card

    Karte sim card trace
  10. C

    Trace sim removed

    loacte for me that sim card
  11. A

    My new mobile honour 7C stolen from i can trace my mobile

    My mobile was stolen by somebody and i want to trace my mobile
  12. W

    Can I trace my lost SIM card location

    Some one have stolen my hp and SIM card
  13. T

    Solved! date of purchase

    how i can trace purchase date
  14. P

    my brother has lost his oppo f1 phone in a road accident and now i want to trace that phone only with IEMI number. i as dont h

    my brother has lost his oppo f1 phone in a road accident and died on spot and now i want to trace his phone only with IEMI number. i as dont have any other details with me. Please help to find his mobile phone.
  15. M

    My laptop was stolen but it has password and my account logged in. Can I trace it?

    My laptop was stolen. It has a password and my email account was logged in. Can I track it if they will in case connect it to the internet to format it?
  16. A

    trace my stolen smartphone

    hello sir i have lost my smartphone please trace my phone by using imei no it has lost on 3 march 2018 near 7 pm samsung galaxy a5
  17. A

    I lost my phone vivo y69 how to trace my phone by emei number

    My emei number is Removed how can i find my moblie loction
  18. D

    How to trace a reverse tcp Trojan?

    You might say whoa, but someone I must know tried to prank me by compromising my system using a Trojan. From my experience, it seems like a metasploit reverse connection, assuming it's TCP(cause that most found in tutorials), how to trace back the connection and find the "attacker"? Or is it...
  19. V

    how to trace my lost oppo f1s?????

    i wanto know how totrace my oppo phone
  20. K

    Trace a text from a phone # i pay for the phone i wont to no who she is texting i have all my mid meid #

    My niece phone i wont to know so i can itervien if needed
  21. S

    trace my last location of my sim

    trace my sim
  22. K

    Help me to trace lost cell

    Is there any way to trace the lost cell phone.if any one insert sim in my cell phone ,my phone msg me on another sim card that its the new number which is inserted in my lost cell phone.?????
  23. P

    lost my phone - help me trace its last location

    Can someone help me trace the last location of my phone, its IMEI number is
  24. M

    Lost Samsung Grand Prime. How to locate by IMEI Number

    I have Lost Samsung Grand Prime few months ago. How to locate by IMEI Number ? I have registered a case but no work from Police
  25. R

    how to find my lost phone IMEI no:865181038698843

    i have been lost my mobile , i want to trace imei no plz give me good sugessition
  26. D

    my j2 phone has stolen how can i trace them

    its very imp for me its my lucy phone
  27. N

    How to find out my wifi password

    bought a new dlink modem configured but password not gtg how to trace
  28. R

    how to i trace my lose phone by its EMEI ?

    i lose my phone can u please help me , this is my EMEI 864442030291636 if you track it please mail me in thanks
  29. K

    can you trace this number where it is

    please trace this number removed by Moderator.
  30. L

    Can you trace a SIM card number to an actual phone number

    I found a SIM card but don't know what phone number it is attached to is there any way to trace it back to the device it is using now?
  31. T

    how can I track my iphone by using my imei number

    my iphone 6+ is lost how can I track my fone using my imei number can u help me to trace it
  32. J

    Solved! Trace my sim card with location maps

    How can I trace my phone using my sim?
  33. S

    Solved! How can i trace friend phone or location

    Trace friend phones
  34. R

    How to track dell laptop which is missing

    Dear sir, please help get the trace the my missing laptop ,, Product Description : INSPIRON 3542 System Type : INSP 3542,NB,CEDAR15,HSWFBTX Service Tag : <removed>
  35. M

    i am lost my laptop and i want trace my laptop. This time i have only laptop model name and serial No. i am just detail the so

    respected sir, i am Mangal Bhagat and i would like to say that i am missing my sony laptop the missing year and month is 30/02/2015 and my laptop Model No. VPCEH25EN/W IN5 and serial No. 7024669. this is requesting for you if possible trace my laptop. i will be thankful to you thank u
  36. L

    My sons tablet got stolen and the only thing I have is my email that was set up is there anyway I can trace it with the email

    My son's tablet got stolen and the only thing I have is my email that was set up is there anyway I can trace it with my email ?
  37. F

    How to get someone's real IP if they are using VPN

    hello there, a couple of days ago i got hacked on steam. cant really tell if he is pro or not but he got my account information through a trojan horse wich i discovered after cleaning up my pc i am gonna use a third-party software called "wireshark" to get his ip (set up a connection with him...
  38. kaushik37

    Facebook account deletion

    Suppose, if I go for permanent deletion of my Facebook account, would any trace of the account be left anywhere (I mean to say, in any websites, links or other accounts)?
  39. Z

    Laptop affected by Cryptowall.trace trojan virus.[NEED HELP]

    So,one of my laptop got affected by Cryptowall.trace torjan virus.I think it came from a infected ads or something.It locked most of my files.So how do i removed it?Does antivirus program helps?I am using Malware-bytes.Thanks.
  40. S

    Locate Lost mobile by using IMEI No.

    hello i lost my Samsung Grand mob 24.06.2015 around 7.30 pm i gave a complaint to the nearby police station. please tell the way to trace my mob by IMEI No.M-IMEI1:3558Personal information removed - SS
  41. N

    Someone is using my phone number to text other people. I trace the number and found out who it belongs to but she is the one r

    From what I have googled their are apps so someone can use your number to text someone else. This person that is receiving texts from my number is texting me back asking me to stop. I traced the number of the person texting me. This person is an ex girlfriend of a friend of mine but I HAVE NEVER...
  42. K

    cell phone trace location and adres

    Nneed to llocate the adreswhere my phone is via cell number its lost please help. The newe number that's in my phone is <removed>that's the number of the guy who has my phone need his adres or location. Please
  43. T

    Trace a phone from which texts are sent is sim is destroyed

    How can you trace a phone location from a text msg if the person has destroyed the sim
  44. X

    tor hacked or tracked

    Will I get tracked or hacked by just browsing tor. I am not doing anything illegal but I know some of the sites are illigal
  45. W

    tracing lost phone

    how can i trace my lost phone without having gone through the reporting to the police process?
  46. S

    can you trace mac address?

    Just wondering if someone happen to know my MAC address, is it possible to trace it? If so will it be easy for him or will that person have to do a lot of work in order to trace it? Thanks, cheers.
  47. I

    my Mobile z2 how to trace lost my Mobil e

    Lost my mobile z2 how to trace plz help me
  48. R

    i have lost my xperia z1 can any one trace it for me plzz [# removed]

    it has full charging and it has my xperia account activated :sarcastic:
  49. M

    how to trace my mob phone by usung imei

    esterday i lost my samsung grand neo 9060 in basavangudi ganapathi temple can u pls find and five my mobile and this is my imei no REDACTED - SS
  50. M

    lost mobile have iemi no

    i have kept my mobile somewhere , i cant able to find it, so please help me to trace it . i have got my iemi number. mine is lenevok900.
  51. M

    trace samsung theft mobile

    i lost my samsung galaxy s 3 neo mobile to trace please
  52. S

    lost my iphone 4s

    today night 10:30 pm i lost my mobile iphone 4s black.....i have imei no of iphone so how can i trace... i already file F.I.R. to delhi police....
  53. K

    can i find my lost phone

    i lost my phone and now can i find it ??? plss answer when im calling on my number , its switched off .. Now how can i trace it ?
  54. A

    how to trace lost mobile through imei no

    Sir I purchased new mobile Model No-Asus A400CXG but before two days some one has stolen from me So kindly requested for help IMEL No-
  55. A

    Lost My Phone

    How Can Ii Trace My Sim Card With My Phone Number I'm Only A Teenager Ii Can't Seem To Find My Sim CaCardrs Number Or Anything Can Anyone Help
  56. R

    i Lost my Mobile

    how can trace my lost moble
  57. S

    can i trace my slolen/lost nikia N8 mobaile by using IMEI number by myslef?

    can i trace my slolen/lost nikia N8 mobaile by using IMEI number by myslef?
  58. Y

    How can I trace my stolen phone through my IMEI number. Pls help

    My phone is stolen yesterday and then switched off. It cannot search through find my iPhone. Pls help if I can trace through IMEI number