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  1. N

    An ACPI Power Object failed to transition state, gpu not detected

    Hi I have g750jz with 880m and when I plug it on the fans go to the max and gpu is not detected. Under device manager the intel 4th gen core processor pci express x16 controller has warning it says the device cannor start (code 10) An ACPI Power Object failed to transition state If i go in...
  2. D

    MPC-HC frame 'tearing' issue

    I have this problem where quite frequently when playing videos part of a frame seems to get left behind when a new frame is rendered, particularly when there's a scene transition. I've tried to look into this problem but the issue is I don't know what the name for it is, if you search anything...
  3. S

    how can I transition from 3.5mm to HDMI?

    My surround sound amp is connected optically to my Comcast box. However, Netflix comes directly to my smart Samsung TV. In order to get the TV audio to the amp I must use a 3.5mm audio output. But the only available audio input on the amp is HDMI. How do I make that transition?
  4. emtasty123

    When consoles die out (probably 2025) where will young children play?

    I have a theory that when consoles die out, most youn children (5-12) will transition onto mobile. Think about it. Most children of that age group are not pc savvy (stupid dumbed down smartphones) and unless they have a family member that is PC savvy, than mobile will be the best option. For...
  5. D

    Audio Transition in Premier pro CC

    Hey guys, I'm having a strange problem when trying to add a Crossfade transition between two clips in Adobe Premier Pro CC. The transition is added either in the beginning of one clip or at the end of another, but I want it to be in the middle. I've tried to make it right in the effects panel...
  6. A

    Transferring everything from Nexus 4 to Nexus 5 and vice-versa

    Hello, I own a LG E960 Nexus 4, and my mom owns a LG Nexus 5. I now want to exchange my phone with hers. I want to know if there is any way by which I can transfer everything from one phone to the other, including apps, settings, media (which I can manage using an external drive anyways), and so...