MPC-HC frame 'tearing' issue


Dec 10, 2017
I have this problem where quite frequently when playing videos part of a frame seems to get left behind when a new frame is rendered, particularly when there's a scene transition. I've tried to look into this problem but the issue is I don't know what the name for it is, if you search anything to do with tearing you just get screen tearing/vsync issues, and it's not an artifact in the actual video, I think it's something that's introduced in decoding or rendering

When there's movement in the problem area the outline usually fills in but often looks very blocky and has colours from the leftover frame - it's often not fixed completely until the next scene transition.

Anyone have any idea that name for this is, and what the cause or solution might be?

Edit: My hardware is a gtx 1070 and and i7 5820-k. The screen I use for video is 1920x1080, and the problem seems to be more frequent when things are going in my second smaller screen as well. If this is just because my hardware is too weak, are there any settings I could tweak to at least mitigate the problem a bit?