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    advice to improve live stream please

    We live in regional town near Ballarat. We've a large hill blocking the Ballarat signal so we make do with a weak signal from Dandenong and in case of ch10 no signal at all. We only get 2s and SBS thru Foxtel satellite no other FTA. Antenna guy, little help. Would a Terk Trinity antenna be...
  2. G

    HP DV6 (2012, AMD Trinity) laptop will not start after thermal paste replacement, HELP!

    Hello, so my HP DV6 (2012, AMD Trinity) laptop will not start after taking it apart for thermal paste replacement. I fought the urge to take it and smash it and came here instead. After replacing the paste and putting it back together the first time, I tried starting it and the fan would run...
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    please! midi help urgent needed

    i just got a roland mc 505 (in/out) and a korg trinity (in/out/thru). i have the traktor s4 and want to connect them to it as midi how do i do it ? i want to be able to record in ableton as midi sorry, i am really a newbie in midi . it s my first time so please try to explain very detailed...
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    buy a trinity now or wait for haswell or amd 4th gen

    i want to buy a mid range notebook for mild gaming and general tasks so i decided on a trinity based hp 2313ax with an amd a10 4600 and a dedicated 7670hd but since intel will be releasing haswell soon with amd following with their 4th gen offering should i wait will the notebook in the same...
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    A8 trinity vs i7 mobility

    I was thinking about buying a laptop but i'm too confused between i7 and a8. I know that i7 will blow a8 out but wouldn't a8 produce less heat/consume less power compared to i7 sandy bridge? Also the hybrid crossfire provides a huge performance boost or not? Some comments + tips would be really...
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    Llano Quad Versus Trinity Dual

    I would like to know which of these AMD APUs are better: The Llano-based A6-3420 1.5Ghz, or the Trinity-based A6-4400 2.7Ghz? The Llano part is a quad core boasting 4MB L2, while the Trinity part is a dual core with only 1MB L2. The conditions under which these two processors would be running...
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    Trinity Laptop Confusion

    I have been trying to make sense of the AMD Trinity laptop processor lineup, but I seem to get confused. I know they have A6, A8, A10 prfixes and suffixes of 3XXX, 4XXX, and maybe more. I thought the A10-4600 was the top end, but now I see an A10-5XXX series talked about. On the otherhand, I...
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    Customize trinity based laptop

    I know of plenty of places to customize Intel based computers but are there any sites out there for and based customization? Other than manufacturer sites like HP, lenovo and all that jazz of course. I'm more talking about sites like type for and.
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    Where are the Trinity Notebooks?

    Is it just me being impatient, or doesn't it seem like the new generation of AMD APU laptops should be available by now? I'm dying to try out a new Trinity laptop with dual graphics. Preferably a high-end model. I saw one teaser from HP, but I couldn't find it on their site. Shouldn't the...
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    Which of these 2 laptops should i get? Liano vs Trinity?

    Hey guys, first off, im actually new here so yeah. I need help deciding on these 2 laptops. I'm on a tight budget. Laptop 1. HP G4. Processor : AMD A8-3500M QUAD CORE LIANO APU @1.5- 2.4GHZ Graphics: 6480G Integrated + 6470M DEDICATED 1GB (with Dual Graphics) Laptop 2 HP PROBOOK Processor...
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    Llano and trinity CPUs

    I was thinking of buying an amd cpu again after buying athlon M300 which was the worst cpu i've ever tested in terms of performance and heat output. Since llano and trinity cpu come out with some really good gfx cards, i was thinking of buying a laptop. Would someone like to shed some light...
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    HP Sleekbook with Trinity APUs - Which should i get?

    So i am looking for a laptop for school and i want an ultrabook but for non-ultrabook prices. I stumbled on the HP ENVY Sleekbook 6z-1000 which sports the new Trinity apus from AMD. For +100$ i can upgrade to the A10-4655m APU soc. Now, i've read the anandtech reviews on the trinity apus and...
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    How much better is the 2nd gen i5 (specifically 2525M) compared with the Trinity

    How much better is the 2nd gen i5 (specifically 2525M) compared with the Trinity A8 4500M?
  14. WR2

    MSI GX60 Trinity Notebook

    Should be available soon: A10-4600M Trinity APU w/ Radeon HD 7970M
  15. WR2

    HP Trinity APU Sleekbook available 20 June @ $599

    HP Airs $599 AMD Trinity Sleekbook, $999 Intel Ivy Bridge Ultrabook HP Envy SleekBook (15.6-inches): June 20 launch Price: $599 CPU: AMD Trinity APU Weight: 4 lb Thickness: ~19.8 mm Screen: 15.6-inch 1366x768 pixel Memory: 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Storage: 320 GB HDD Connectivity: 802.11a/g/n...
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    Llano or trinity

    Hello, i wanted to buy a new laptop so i came across the asus k53ta this has amd a6 3400 1.4 ghz turbo core 2.3 ghz 2 gb ram ati 6720 g2 500 gb hdd now since the new trinty is going to be released by amd should i wait or purchase this will trinty has a significantly better cpu will the...
  17. blue fire

    Trinity or ivy

    im waitin for the upcoming trinity and ivy processor aquiped laptop which would be a beter option for me im a gaming person and ma budget is 800$....