HP DV6 (2012, AMD Trinity) laptop will not start after thermal paste replacement, HELP!


Mar 31, 2009
Hello, so my HP DV6 (2012, AMD Trinity) laptop will not start after taking it apart for thermal paste replacement. I fought the urge to take it and smash it and came here instead.

After replacing the paste and putting it back together the first time, I tried starting it and the fan would run for about 10 seconds and I would get a caps lock led error blink every 1 second ad infinitum.

So I looked online and saw it should be a cpu error. So I took it all apart again, broke a speaker wire in the process. I unseated the cpu, blew into the pin holes, made sure everything was clean, cleaned up some excess paste on top of the cpu and gpu. Reconnected everything again, drained the power hooked up the power and battery and now its even worse. When I connect the power, the power light comes on steady, but the power button flutters for five seconds then stays off. No keyboard lights. If I press power again after enough time has passed it does that again, otherwise nothing.

I don't think breaking a speaker wire would have done this. My best idea would be the board got shocked while working on it, or some internal power, or essential MB connector got a wire loose during disassembly or reassembly. Anyone have any ideas on what I could do? Connectors I should pay close attention to? Anything?

At this point I've taken it apart and reassembled it 4-5 times. If it was just a loose connection it would have been reconnected by now. Why can't I find anything online about a fluttering power led on hp laptops?

This was a $1000 laptop when I bought it four years ago, with a Blu-ray player and 1080p screen. Not looking to sell it for parts if there's a chance I can get it to boot again.


Hi, you can try to reseat the RAM, if you have more than one try one at a time. If nothing happens, remove the motherboard from the casing, connect the screen and power adapter and try to boot.