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  1. X

    Sound Blaster g5 line/optical audio jack, Audio tuning recommendation, and mic setup recommendation?

    the product in Question is the Sound Blaster G5. it has a Line/optical out/in jack on the back. the Manual says i can use a "mini Toslink" or a 3.5mm 1/8 inch plug. issue is...the 3.5 does not fit at all completely or at the very least you need to push hard at an uncomfortable level if it does...
  2. D

    AT2020 to Laptop / XLR To Aux

    Ok. Just got the Audio Technica at2020 and I was wondering if it would work well if I used XLR cable to Neewer phantom power supply and from that use a xlr/3.5mm aux to usb sound adapter. Would that work on my PC?
  3. S

    toshiba 42hl800a not tuning

    My toshiba 42hl800a all of a sudden can not receive any signal. I've tried re-setting the TV and retuning ATV and DTV and it tells me to 're-ture through the menu'. Can anyone help?
  4. R

    Mp3 songs not runing on Car stereo

    Mp3 files running on computer but not on my car stereo.
  5. H

    all my tv work in house but one will not tune in it worked in my old house

    Tuning tv problem
  6. vlmem10

    IdeaPad Z400 not turning on

    Dear All, My Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 is not at all turn up. Last activity is, I used and shut it down just before bed, left charging the battery whole night. In the morning a nightmare started :P (do you believe a nightmare in the morning?). When I plugged in the power, the battery led is on for a...
  7. M

    avast cleanup help

    Since I don't have the money for avast cleanup, could anybody help me with these problems and how to solve them? Services tuning: iphlpsvc trk wks System tweaks: allow multiple T S sessions win32 priority seperation User tweak foreground lock timeout hung app timeout low level hooks timeout...
  8. V

    i have a 82 inch Mitsubishi tv it started tuning green in the negative spots on tv the black parts. I need to know what it is

    i have a 82 inch Mitsubishi tv it started tuning green in the negative spots on tv the black parts. I need to know what it is
  9. U

    F-Stream Tuning Utilitys broken after upgrade to Windows 10

    Hey guys. Im new to the Forum, so please excuse me if i post it in the wrong Forum :) So last week i upgraded my PC from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro and everything just went fine. Except for the ASrock F-Stream Tuning Utility Software. 2 Days after the Win10 Upgrade the program didn't start...
  10. D

    ASRock F-Stream Tuning Utility is causing Win 8.1 Pro x64 to crash

    Ok, so I've been having this issue for several months now. I built my system last November, and everything had been working great. I hadn't opened FTU for a couple months when I decided in March that I wanted to check/tweak something. I clicked on FTU and it displayed the loading screen, but...
  11. A

    loud tuning during opening the laptop how it can prevented

    when i goes to open the laptop, during that i got a verry loud sound like voice mice
  12. G

    Tuning oki tv

    T Hi there Im trying to retune oki b32 led 1 but when I enter menu I use side arrows all ok but the channel one to auto tune does not highlight Thanks Gry
  13. D

    Is intel extreme tuning utility accurate?

    I use it for looking at cpu temperature since I have an intel cpu. I noticed its higher temp than hwmonitor.
  14. O

    Questions about AI Suite 3

    Hey, guys! I have some more questions about AI Suite 3, so here they come: Under the TurboV EVO, there is a setting called "Auto Tuning", would that be okay to use it, even if you have no overclocking experience what so ever. I mean, will it keep it, so it will not overheat, malfunction and so...
  15. M

    having two video cards

    Hello everybody , I have bought a new laptop Dell inspiron 3537 . when i opened device manager , i found that i have 2 video cards (Intel hd graphics 4400 & AMD radeon hd 8670m) . I went to Can You Run It website , searched for saints row 2 and i have found that the amd VGA can run it perfectly...
  16. C

    TV tuning problems

    I have an AWA 42" LCD TV and it is continually dropping 2 networks out of 5. I have another TV on the same antenna and it never has any problems. Most of the time I have to do an auto retune but it is not working today. Also if i hold the antenna lead and touch the antenna socket I get a small...
  17. Stevo97

    Asus Optimization on the Z87 Pro

    Does anyone know if there is anyway to stop the OC optimization software once you reach a clockspeed you're personally ok with versus the software telling you what the system will do? The reason for this is because I'd like to OC my system around 4Ghz, but I want the system to optimize to that...
  18. O

    which laptop to buy?

    need a little help fine tuning my decision on new laptop Hi all, I've been offered a couple of laptop deals and was wondering if you might give them the once over and offer you pearls of wisdom. Ok so first is this option Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 i7-3632QM, 8gb RAM, 1TB hard drive plus...
  19. B

    tv is not tuning on

    my jvc av-28bk5ecb is not turning on(its not showing anything on the screen and no sound comes out from the speakers).When i try to turn it on it makes an annoying strange sound and then after like 5sec i can hear the same sound becaming less intence like the tv is not having any power.and the...
  20. B

    tv is not tuning on

    my jvc av-28bk5ecb is not turning on(its not showing anything on the screen and no sound comes out from the speakers).When i try to turn it on it makes an annoying strange sound and then after like 5sec i can hear the same sound becaming less intence like the tv is not having any power.and the...
  21. J

    Slow running Sony Vaio

    Hello, I am looking for some advice on tuning up a Sony Vaio laptop...without having to buy software or take it to a tech shop. Thanks
  22. T

    Ai Suite Vs. Intel Extreme Tunning temps

    I use the Ai Suite ii and the Intel Extreme Tuning when i was stress testing my CPU and they both gave me different readings, while the Intel one rose and dipped in temps a bit Asus Suite just stay around 35-36. The problem isn't that i want to know my temps, because i could just use my Intel...
  23. kroeger

    Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

    I have been having problems with the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. The black splash screen comes up and then nothing, it just sits there the program does not load fully. Processor : i7 3930k Motherboard : DX79TO Extreme tuning utility : version 3.​1.​201.​5...
  24. L

    Can i use 6v 25ma lamp for indicator o marantz receiver

    I put a 6v 25ma tuning dial indicator bulb in my marantz 2215b i think its supposed to be a 8v 60 ma it seems to work fine is this ok ? will it effect my unit at all? can i use same bulb for stereo indicator?
  25. J

    Packard bell easynote mv35-202

    Hello, packard bell easy note mv35-202 is not tuning on and isnt displaying any lights? Any ideas to what it could be and the cost to repair?
  26. G

    Intel Extreme Tuning Utility Locks Up on Startup

    I just put together a i7 930 w/ Asus P6X58D Premium. I downloaded form Asus and Intel a utility program "Intel Extreme Tuning Utility 2.0". When I try to start it, it locks up and the only way to shut it down is a reboot. I tried to run the troubleshooter and that didn't help either. Have any...
  27. S

    Yamaha CR-620

    I have a Yamaha CR-620 Receiver that all dial lamps work except for the lamp that illuminates the tuning meter. the bulb was replace with a known good one, still doesn't work. voltage check indicates no voltage. any advise?
  28. G

    Audio tuning wizard

    Hello, how do i install logitech quickcam
  29. G

    Audio tuning

    I play music in a band and when practicing play along with MP3's. Mostly we get songs that are in 440 tuning which is standard tuning, but some songs are either in drop D tuning or tuned down to another key. We also have to bring this music back to standard so our singer can sing it to his own...
  30. P

    AM tuning interval set in Sony CFD-G50L

    Hi, I have an old radio cassette cd Sony CFD-G50L, buyed in Argentina, but the AM interval is set at 9 khz, apparently non capable of set. The manual says the same, 9 khz, total range 531-1602 khz, but here is used the 10 khz interval. Anyone knows some combination of keys to pres/hold ? to set...
  31. D

    Samsung online help

    Hello, I have an issue with my samsung led tv 55" with tuning channels replacing each other avoiding me to have the full list of channels available to my community via cable. i find the missing channels and tune in and then i find it replaced some channels from their same frequency
  32. J

    Tuning sky digital through computer via windows media centre

    I am trying to tune my sky digital tv signal through my computer via media centre and cannot get it to work. I have looked up my hard drive model to make sure that there is a tv tuner card in there and it says that i have a TV-7131/FM Hybrid TV Tuner. So it does pick up digital and analogue...
  33. G

    Van Gelder in Tape Op!

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) OK, he still doesn't share his techniques, but I still found the better than 6 pages of interview with Rudy Van Gelder in the Sept.Oct issue of Tape Op pretty cool reading. I don't think I ever seen him talk for 6 pages anywhere! Nice article...
  34. G

    spectrum analyzer- tuning room

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) Hello All I've finally thrown out enough junk in the den to set up my home project studio. I've been collecting gear for a while and finally got a set of Event Precision 8's. I love em'. I use an aardvark Q10 for audio I/O into my PC, but I'm...