ASRock F-Stream Tuning Utility is causing Win 8.1 Pro x64 to crash


Jun 1, 2015
Ok, so I've been having this issue for several months now. I built my system last November, and everything had been working great. I hadn't opened FTU for a couple months when I decided in March that I wanted to check/tweak something. I clicked on FTU and it displayed the loading screen, but then my computer went to BSOD and rebooted itself. I thought it might have been a fluke, so I tried it again but is went to BSOD again and rebooted. I uninstalled FTU, re-downloaded and installed it, and it did the same thing: BSOD and reboot.

I downloaded the ASRock APP Shop after a second re-install of FTU and checked for updates. It listed an update for FTU (, so I told it to update, rebooted my computer, and tried to start FTU. Result: BSOD and an auto reboot. I opened APP Shop again and it said that the same update for FTU was available, even though I had just downloaded and installed it, so either it failed to actually install or something else is going on.

No matter what I do, the same update ( for FTU is sitting in the BIOS & Drivers section and whenever I try to start FTU I get a BSOD and an auto reboot. I'm getting pretty frustrated at this point, so I would appreciate any help I can get.



Oct 3, 2015
Ive the same trouble.
ASROCK 990FX Fatality
8gb ddr 1600 kingston ram
amd 3+ zambezi 3,7k x 4
new 720watts semi professional psu
creative fx pro sound card
some 3 chassis vents all working fine
and a large air cooling machine on the amd cpu. i dunno the name.
radeon hd 7800

win 8.1
all drivers should be up to date

so i install the actual f-stream in the same release as the threat starter, try to run it. pc gives blue screen and shuts down. every time i start it again and open f-stream. crash.
any ideas anyone please?