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  1. C

    Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO Sounds Quiet on My Sound Card

    I got a 250 ohms Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro and it sounds nearly the same plugged into my motherboard (ASRock Z270 Pro4 LGA 1151) as it does my 600 ohm sound card (Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX PCIe). When plugged into my motherboard or sound card they aren't quiet or loud, but if i had to...
  2. S

    Motherboard audio or external soundcard?

    So, I just recently got myself a pair of Yamaha's HS5 monitor speakers and cpnnected them to my PC via 2x XLR to 3,5mm audio jack. The main concern is the white noise that comes out of the speakers and I've noticed it changes in sync to the GPU's workload changes. I've been wondering if the...
  3. N

    Curious about my MOBO and a headset

    I have a ASRock H97 Pro4 Motherboard and I wanted to know if the sound board on that motherboard is enough for Sennheiser GSP 300? or should I go for the GSP 350?
  4. S

    Logitech G230 volume inconsistent

    Usually you hear of headphones having very low volume. But I am confused by what this Logitech pair is doing. Before I updated all drivers yesterday, the volume output from the headphones was so loud that the windows volume had to be set to 2 (the minimum above zero), and then the YouTube(for...
  5. F

    No audio (even with sound card)

    Hello, I have been having an issue on a computer where there is no audio. I have already posted on this forum and I was advised to either RMA my motherboard or buy a sound card. RMAing my board would've been a pain, so I decided to buy the sound card. Still nothing. I don't believe it is the...
  6. hushpuppi3

    Sound Blaster Cinema 3 "There is no supported audio device avaliable"

    I just built a new pc and I bought the Asrock Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming mobo. I installed Realtek High Definition Audio and Sound Blaster Cinema 3 from the motherboard's support site and it worked fine... That is, until I reinstalled windows (and essentially wiped my hard drive). Now for...
  7. L

    Does Thunderbolt3 matter much for gaming/3D graphic PC? - between micro-ATX z270 and ATX

    Hi all, I'm thinking about getting ASRock Z270M Extreme4 Mainboard (micro-ATX) which has Thunderbolt3 instead of MSI PC MATE Z270. Would ASRock (micro-ATX) fit with my Intel Corei7-7700k and Samsung 850 Evo 2.5(SSD)? And will it worth it? Or should I just get MSI PC MATE Z270 without...
  8. C

    Do I need sound card for Sennheiser g4me one with a ASRock Z170M Pro4S motherboard?

    I want to buy a Sennheiser g4me one headset, because im a bass slut tbh, and I want a gaming headset with sick sound quality. I have a ASRock Z170M Pro4S motherboard, and Im not sure if I need a sound card for this headset.
  9. H

    Buying new speakers, not enough audio i/o

    Hello there, Since I bought some cheap Logitech speakers I'm looking for a better set around the 80 euro mark. I was personally looking at the Edifier M3200 2.1 set (still open to other suggestions). Now, the problem is that my ASrock H61M-DG4 only has 3 audio outputs, 2 of which are being...
  10. B

    About to make a purchase for VR. Would you do anything different?

    Hello! Seems this forum is filled with questions like these, so I will make mine as short and simple as possible. I just played ONWARD for the first time over the weekend with my HTC VIVE. It blew me away, and made me realize how badly I need to upgrade my CPU at the same time. I currently...
  11. E

    [Fixed]Microphone doesn't work with external amp/dac

    I recently acquired O2+Odac amp+dac combo to power my headphones. However i am unable to get my microphone (Zalman ZM-MIC 1) working along with them, which i quess has to do with my motherboard (Asrock Z77 Pro3) disabling onboard sound or something. Tried with my Xonar DG soundcard aswell but no...
  12. F

    Logitech Z506 black and yellow cables into ASROCK z170 Pro4s board that doesnt seem to have b/y jacks

    My motherboard asrock doesnt seem to have black and yellow cables audio jacks only blue, pink, and green so how can I use the logitech z506 5.1 black and yellow cables so that I have true 5.1? thanks.
  13. P

    Asrock RAM Disk

    Why does Asrock RAM disk prevent files from downloading to install a new program?
  14. A

    USB Boot Device not recognised

    Hi Guys Not quite a laptop issue, similar threads have helped me get this far, so I'm hoping someone can give me a pointer to get the rest of the way. I recently (read: monday) put together a new computer. After much handwringing, re-building and stealing an old ps2 connector keyboard, I was...
  15. S

    using tails with new motherboard

    Is it possible to use Tails on my new ASRock Z170 Pro4 motherboard?
  16. N

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Graphics problem

    I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. My original setup included 2 monitors. One connected to VGA on my motherboard and one connected to my HDMI port on my R7 260X. Then changed a setting in the BIOS to allow this. After the upgrade: 1. Upgraded drivers 2. The monitor plugged into the...
  17. B

    Feedback for my Home Theater PC Build, Please

    Hello, I'm putting together my first Home Theater PC and would really like some feedback on it before I purchase the parts, I was aiming to make the build as small, fast, and quite as I could. The list for the parts are: MB: ASRock N3700-ITX RAM: Kingston HyperX Impact HX316LS9IB/4 4GB HDD...
  18. A

    DAC Audio replacement?

    The onboard audio on my AsRock motherboard has seemed to stop working and I can no longer receive any kind of audio from either the front or back audio ports, but the microphone still works. Would getting a USB DAC such as the FiiO E10K would fix the problem and also offer me better sound?
  19. U

    F-Stream Tuning Utilitys broken after upgrade to Windows 10

    Hey guys. Im new to the Forum, so please excuse me if i post it in the wrong Forum :) So last week i upgraded my PC from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro and everything just went fine. Except for the ASrock F-Stream Tuning Utility Software. 2 Days after the Win10 Upgrade the program didn't start...
  20. L

    ASRock H81M DGS r2.0 5.1 surround method(s)?

    I have a problem. I would like to set up 5.1 surround, however by just looking at my motherboard (ASRock H81M DGS r2.0) I can see only one audio out port (Green) which is strange as I found this in specs online, "5.1 CH HD Audio (Realtek ALC662 Audio Codec)...
  21. A

    How to get true 5.1/7.1 from my new pc

    Jumping right in, I am building a new pc within the next month or so hopefully, and i want to be able to get true 5.1 or 7.1 discrete channels from my pc. These are the (important?) specs. Motherboard: ASRock 970 Performance GPU: Sapphire Radeon R9 280 (Not X) The motherboard has an Optical...
  22. D

    ASRock F-Stream Tuning Utility is causing Win 8.1 Pro x64 to crash

    Ok, so I've been having this issue for several months now. I built my system last November, and everything had been working great. I hadn't opened FTU for a couple months when I decided in March that I wanted to check/tweak something. I clicked on FTU and it displayed the loading screen, but...
  23. S

    How to get surround sound on Astro a40s

    Hey, Im using Windows 8.1 with an ASRock fatality motherboard. I just built my first PC and i cant seem to be able to figure out how to get surround sound on my Astro a40s. I know it's possible because on my previous computer (which was just a laptop) i was able to get surround sound. It may...
  24. N

    Will this GPU work on this MoBo?

    I'm upgrading an old computer to play some games like skyrim. MoBo: ASRock H55M-LE GPU: EVGA NVIDIA GTX 750Ti SC
  25. R

    Does the Asrock H97M Pro4 Mobo support virtual surround?

    Hi Guys, Looking to buy a budget headset G230 or G430. But my onboard sound uses what asrock says is: 7.1 CH HD Audio with Content Protection (Realtek ALC892 Audio Codec), ELNA Audio Caps. Does this mean I will have virtual 7.1 surround sound? Or is it necessary to get a sound card?
  26. Fires Stone

    Houston Has a Problem..HELP

    I have a Asrock z97 pro M Mobo,Windows 10 Technical preview..No Speakers at the Moment But My Mobo Speaker makes some crazy did the same thing on another Computer i have with Asus Sabertooth 990Fx mobo lot of static on Mobo Speaker with no speakers hooked up to it and I run Winddows 7...
  27. X

    Does my motherboard support 5.1 surround sound?

    Hey, I have a question about my motherboard. It is an Asrock 870 Extreme3 and I was wondering if this motherboard supports 5.1 surround sound (for watching movies). Can someone please help me out? :)
  28. C

    Headset suddenly has no bass after switching motherboards.

    Hey guys I recently switched from a msi board to a asrock board and now I have no bass. I went in and redownloaded realtek audio manager and now my headset isnt NEARLY as loud as it was before. I switched from an msi-760gm-p23fx to a asrock fatal1ty 990fx professional me headset is a razer...
  29. H

    Connecting my TC Electronic M One XL to my current rig

    My current rig includes: Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Extreme6 ( ) CPU: Intel i7-3770k GPU: Gigabyte GTX 660 ( ) Case: Corsair 600T (...
  30. K

    deciding what motherboard to choose

    been picking my parts for my x99 build and my two motherboards im down to are asus x99-a and the asrock extreme 6,...any opinions on either..thanks for any info.
  31. J

    What software do I need to get my PC to play TrueHD or the equivalent DTS?

    My current set up is: Audio is being outputted from my PC (Asrock Extreme 4 b3) using the onboard audio chip. I have a S/PDIF connection going from the optical port on the motherboard to the optical on my Pioneer VSX-517 A/V receiver. I'm using Realtek HD Audio Drive version Here's...
  32. Ferrariassassin

    Will this 5.1 Surround System work with my motherboard?

    I can never get a clear answer on this topic, i have no clue when it comes to audio with PC, lol. My motherboard is a AsRock H97M Pro4 and my surround sound system is a Samsung HT-E550 DVD Home Theater5.1 1000Watt. Can someone please tell me if they will work together good...
  33. Ferrariassassin

    Will the AsRock H97M Pro4 support 5.1 surround sound?

    I own a Samsung 5.1 1,000-Watt Channel Smart Blu-ray Home Theater System and i wish to use it with my PC i am building. My Motherboard says it supports 7.1 so shouldn't it support 5.1?
  34. Thiva

    PSU Requirement for Gtx 770 3way sli...

    1100 watts is enough for gtx 770 tri sli.. pc..spec. i5 4670k @4.6Ghz AsRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer Seagate 1TB HHD 8gb single ram..1866Mhz 1 CD burner 4 120mm fans...
  35. N

    Fix or remove the ASUS UEFI application at startup in Windows 7?

    Just built my first computer and it has: an ASRock Z87 Extreme 4 motherboard, an i7 3770K processor, and two ASUS GTX GeForce 660 graphics cards in SLI mode and it is running Windows 7 Ultimate. I'm still installing all my applications and drivers for various gear, and trying to tweak the...
  36. C

    Questions About The Installation of a New Motherboard and Reinstallation of Windows 8

    I want to replace my current motherboard (MSI 970a-G43) with the ASRock Fatal1ty 990fx Killer. I want to replace because the MSI board has overheating/freezing issues. My question is how do I reinstall Windows 8 after installing the new board. I have read some threads about this but I haven't...
  37. O

    Where to download Intel drivers for mobo.

    Hello! I have the ASrock BM75 and I'm going to reformat my PC soon. Where do I re-download the drivers?
  38. fun4678

    Nvidia SLI question.

    Hi I have the AsRock extreme3 970 motherboard and I currently have a PNY Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 1gb edition. I was wondering if I could SLI 2 GTX 650's? And if I could do I have to use PNY with PNY? Or could I use say PNY with a Gigabyte GTX 650? All help is much appreciated! Thanks, Jon
  39. Z

    Unlock 3TB+ Harddrive

    I'm having difficulty unlocking the rest of my 4tb harddrive on an ASRock z77. I have already ran ASRock's 3tb+ unlocker utility, and I've had it unlocked before when I used it as my boot drive, but I replaced my boot drive with an SSD and am currently just using this as an extra. Am I missing...
  40. N

    My desktop can't connect to internet

    I'm at the end of my tether. I bought a secondhand desktop, with AMD FX 6300, Radeon HD 7870 and ASrock asrock 970de3/u3s3 mobo. So I cleared the harddrive and intalled windows 7. I installed Sweex LW312 wireless network card and I had the slowest internet ever, I thought it was because it was...
  41. S

    Annoying Driver Bloatware, Delete?

    Hi, I recently got my new gaming computer up and running. First thing I did was install everything that the driver CDs I had prompted me to, appears that was a bad idea. I now have Samsung Magician, FNet, XFast USB/RAM/etc and the Raptr Gaming Evolved app popping up every time I start my...
  42. J

    Asrock Fastboot no power

    hey so basically tried to activate the asrock fastboot program, I opted for "fast mode" and hit apply, I shutdown the program rebooted my pc and shut it down again but my problem is once its done everything and its then ready when I press my power button its totally non responsive I've tried...
  43. technoboyhrishi

    ASROCK Vs GIGABYTE Motherboards

    which motherboard should i go for the intel G2020 ? ASRock H71M-DGS Motherboard OR Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 Motherboard
  44. B

    should i get a new system or upgrade the current one - opinions wanted

    i currently have this Phenom 2 555 - can unlock to quad no bother asrock 790gx pro 4gb corsair 2tb hd nvidia 9800gt both 17" sony trinitron and 28" samsung lcd northq 380w psu it works well for me as i use the 17" crt and don't ever go over 1024x768 in games. the only trouble is the...
  45. B

    upgrade from asrock 790 to 970 will core unlock work the same?

    hi all, i have a phenom 2 dual core 555 and with the asrock 790gx pro it unlocks all cores ok giving me a quad core. i dont want to upgrade but there is another issue with the board and was looking at getting a new board that will unlock so i thought the best bet would be the 970 extreme which...
  46. A

    Is there any way to get the latest Realtek driver on ASRock Z77 Pro4-M

    Hello everyone ! :) By latest i mean the one with profile saver (A,B,C,D).. because i have the one with the old icon ( i kinda liked it but whenever i try to download from the realtek website it keeps installing me the old one :( and btw why instead of telling me Realtek High...
  47. S

    ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Add an Audio Card?

    Would an audio card be an improvement to my ASRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard? According to and, the motherboard has Realtek ALC898 built in. My speakers are Logitech Z623. They were...
  48. S

    Im 15 and building my first PC, what drivers do i need? and what are drivers?

    I will post my Mobo here and the drivers page but I don't know what they are or which ones to install.
  49. M

    Front Pannel Audio Cracking and malfunctioning in general

    I just finished my first desktop build and I am experiencing some problems with the front audio jack that I can't seem to be able toresolve. The audio seems to be there, but it sounds distorted with some cracking in it. Normally people's voices sound from afar. I tested the audio using the...
  50. H

    Asrock Extreme4 to Sony STR-DH520

    What cable and connectors should I use? A link to the correct cable would be nice, Thx all
  51. D

    How do I unlock 3TB hard drive on ASRock Fatal1y Motherboard?

    I'm trying to unlock a 3TB hard drive that I have on the ASROCK Fataly1y Motherboard. I'm running it on a Windows 8 64bit platform. I'm also booting from the drive, but I have other hard drives that I can boot from as well. I'm not familiar with RAID, so I'm afraid to go into the UEFI and...
  52. lazyboy947

    M3A770DE Audio Driver Issue

    My friend has a ASRock M3A770DE motherboard all works well but he had to download and install a fake sound card so he can play certain games, and he has no sound. The drivers from the website for Win7 64-bit dont work, it errors out and fails. Windows recognizes no audio devices at all...
  53. I

    What Software is Similar to Asrock x555?

    I live in a humid area and for that reason prefer the gigabyte UD4-5 mobos because they have "Humidity Protection - New Glass Fabric". But I really like the x555 features of my friends Asrock board. Is it possible for GB or Asus users to get similar software to work for their computers? The...
  54. D

    Virtu mvp for fatal1ty z68 pro gen3

    i read some where lucid was developing somthing new called virtu mvp universal has any one had any luck geting it to run on an asrock fatal1ty z68 pro gen3 or similar board if so how, im mainly interested in the HyperFormance feature
  55. N

    Problem Core Tem

    Hi i just unlock mine CPU Athlon II x3 450 to Phenom II x4 B50 with motherboard ASRock asrock n68c-gs fx after unlock cant see temperature in core tem it show 0 c all time any1 can tell why?
  56. C

    No sound

    Hello, were can i get the sound drivers from for my computer asrock n68c-s ucc
  57. R

    ASRock Z77 Driver Help

    I have recently purchased an ASRock Z77 Motherboard, and it will soon be arriving in the mail. Here's more information about the mobo: From my understanding, when building a new computer, the only parts that you need to worry...
  58. Z

    CPU Unlock

    Hi,I'm new here and i have a problem with my AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE.I tried to unlock it with a ASRock N68-GS3 UCC.Firtst,i entered in the bios and at OC Tweaker i enabled ASRock UCC,then i saved and exit,then i didn't see the acc setting(i followed this tutorial...
  59. A

    Onboard audio broke, need advise for new sound card

    Yeah I got an Asrock p67 extreme 4 gen 3 and the on-board audio stopped working yesterday and I need advice on what audio card I should buy. I don't need anything extreme just something that was on-par with my on-board audio (alc892) if yall could recommend something it would be greatly appreciated.
  60. H

    Does ASrock extreme3 Gen3 need a sound card?

    Exactly as the title says. I've been looking at these 5.1 speakers that are cheap as dirt at the moment, but I am unsure if this mobo that I have coming in the mail supports any form of surround sound. Does anyone know? Also does the board have the right connections for these speakers?