Motherboard audio or external soundcard?

Jun 28, 2018
So, I just recently got myself a pair of Yamaha's HS5 monitor speakers and cpnnected them to my PC via 2x XLR to 3,5mm audio jack.

The main concern is the white noise that comes out of the speakers and I've noticed it changes in sync to the GPU's workload changes. I've been wondering if the reason is my kind of outdated mobo with Realtek A892 codec. So do you think I should get an external sound device to drive the HS5's.

Thank you.


I think an external sound device "may" get rid of your problem.

Over the years I have found that it is fairly common for other hardware in a PC to induce noise in the output of a sound device on a PC. I have found this so common that when I want really good sound, I don't even have a PC in the equation.

I have also found that it's hit or miss and I've also found that it can be VERY difficult to find the root cause.

My advice would be....if it's not too expensive for try it.
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