[Fixed]Microphone doesn't work with external amp/dac


Aug 25, 2016
I recently acquired O2+Odac amp+dac combo to power my headphones. However i am unable to get my microphone (Zalman ZM-MIC 1) working along with them, which i quess has to do with my motherboard (Asrock Z77 Pro3) disabling onboard sound or something. Tried with my Xonar DG soundcard aswell but no results.

Edit: For clarity, i have plugged the microphone to the back & front panels, Qpad keyboard mic thing, and the Xonar DG sound card with no dice

Edit 2: Got the sound card working alongside the amp for the microphone, feel free to delete this thread

external headphone dac and amps are often only for headphones not microphone. you will need to plug the mic into your pc soundcard in most cases.