Asrock RAM Disk


Feb 9, 2007
I found out after many tries that the RAM drive must have been too small as the download always started over about 1/4-1//3 thorough. I was trying to install McAfee Live Safe and could not do it for several hours. It installed fine after i deleted the RAM drive. It was also stopping the installation of other programs too as it gave the error of no space.

I have an Asrock Fality1Z77 Pro mother board with 16GB of Gskill RAM and Intel i5-3570 CPU running Windows 10 Pro on a 480 GB ADATA SSD and am now wondering if there are any benefits or good reason to try re-intsall the RAM drive. I never used it before but installed all the utilities from Asrock when adding the new SSD on Windows 10 and that is how it ended up on it.

I read it might not help the performance but might help life of the SSD. Thoughts or advice.


With only 16 GB of RAM, using any of that for a RAM drive would be pretty much useless, it will be too small to really run anything. With SSDs being pretty cheap and easily available, RAM drives are a very specialized setup. I would not bother with it unless you know you need it for a specific use. Say a demanding database or program that needs fast access times and you have 32+ GB of RAM to stick the RAM drive on.