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  1. B

    Making firefox stop using the hdd when browsing

    I've moved the profiles and cache to a ramdrive, but firefox still keeps accessing my drive anyway. It originally used 30% if I clicked through lots of pages with large images on them, but now went down to 5% after moving the profile. I know it's using the ramdisk because I have the original...
  2. P

    Asrock RAM Disk

    Why does Asrock RAM disk prevent files from downloading to install a new program?
  3. O

    How do I configure Superspeed SuperCache for faster write speeds? And Should I have a RAMDISK as well?

    I first purchased the RAM disk software and set up the RAM disk to have 16Gb of memory. Then I moved my MS Edge cache folder over to it. After that I purchased Superspeed's SuperCache and I dedicated 8Gb of memory for that. My Computer has 32Gb of memory btw. I didn't even know of SuperCache...
  4. C

    Is it possible to use a USB flash drive both as ram and to boot OS when necessary and data ?

    I have a Lexar S35 64 GB that readyboost doesn't comply with but I've recently found there are other versatile softwares such as eboostr, primocache, primo ramdisk, though I don't know much about them. Can I partition it and leave some space (let's say 4 or 8 GB) to use as ram on one side...
  5. J

    Should I download AMD RAMDisk?

    I got a dataram corporation key for it when I bought my 7950 and I don't know if I should bother downloading it. Can someone explain what it does and how it works? Thanks.
  6. W

    How do I use a RAMDisk

    I just got AMD's RAMDisk software. And I was wondering how I use it, I saw that the loading times for games were a TON faster but I don't know how to use it. Do you have to transfer full games on to it or just the launcher? I have 8GB of RAM and I heard that was enough for games to load faster...
  7. jrgray93

    Question Regarding AMD RAMDisk

    I was wondering, since RAM is volatile, where does the drive created from excess RAM save info during shutdowns? Does it use space on an assigned HDD / SSD? If so, is this space 1:1? Also, how does RAMDisk react to unexpected shutdowns; blue screens, power losses, etc.?
  8. D

    laptop for spice simulations and circuit design

    I'm trying to find an optimal simulation platform for ltspice for switch mode power supply design. I'll also be doing schematic capture, layout, hdl development, and firmware development. Those tasks should be much less intense than the circuit simulation. I was doing lots of simulations about...
  9. S

    Max RAM for G53SW-FHD-SZ143V

    Hi, I'm experimenting with RAMDISK and would like to run games from a large RAM Disk. So far I have Steam running in RAM but I haven't enough RAM for games like Skyrim. I expect that the G53SW will expand to 32gb but ASUS say 16. Has anyone put 4 x 8GB SODIMMS in one of these OK? Cheers Steve

    fancey cache or ramdisk

    was wondering wich of these I should use. I want to use it for a video game (guild wars 2) as well as internet explorer. now the video game is 15.4GB so I don't think I can put the entire game on a ram disk so maybe fancy cache is the only option I don't know. also is there a difference...
  11. H

    DownloadMoreRam.com.........what the heck is this?

    http://www.downloadmoreram.com/ a friend shared this link and asked if he should try it, i have no clue what it is. i suspect it is a ramdisk (?) but the site offer nothing in terms of what technology it is using, it just says it will make you faster....i automatically distrust crap that is too...
  12. T

    Can I Raid 0 multiple Ramdisks?

    I recently descovered RAMDisk and it is AMAZING! I already reached 5Gbs using a free RAMDisk Utility. The free version of this utility limits the size of the partition to 4Gb. Could i Raid 0 multiple 4Gb RAMDisks into one Raid 0 Ramdisk? The point here is to get more than 4Gb of working Ram Disk...
  13. O

    AR Soft Ramdisk

    I have load the randisk software but XP has a problem. I have contact the author but no response. I was just wondering if anyone has gotten this free randisk to work on XP and if so how.
  14. L

    Improving SETI times!!!

    Improving SETI times!!! I saw on TV that using the program RAMdisk or RAMdrive (or something like that) can speedup SETI times 5% to 20%. What this program dose is u can load your SETI folder into RAM and it tricks the computer into thinking it’s still reading and writing to the hard drive...