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  1. FriendlyMelon

    Old turntable (Dual 704) help needed and question(s)

    Hi there, I found an old turntable in my grandpa's house and as I don't know a lot about it and don't understand most manuals I find on the internet, I need some help. It is a Dual 704 (imgur link below for pictures), I figured out that it doesn't have a build-in pre-amp (I got one, see the...
  2. T

    Turntable has low audio when using RCA output

    Hey guys I recently bought a turntable, using the USB-B output to my PC works well and the audio seems fine when playing a record. But when I try to use the RCA output to my stereo the audio seems very low and very off in general, especially the vocals. Any idea what the problem could be?
  3. M

    Pushed the arm of a CR79 Crosley too far

    So I got this old player from my Grandmother today and I was figuring it all out and it was fun. I knew I had to replace a few parts in the CD player which I know how to do and was all set on that. Being only 17 and never actually have played a record before I busted out my Panic at the Disco...
  4. T

    5.1 home theater options with multiple inputs or workable with receiver?

    tl;dr: Would any home theater setup be able to support both a Chromecast Audio (3.5mm jack) and a turntable (I presume w/ RCA?)? --- So... my dad has a TV, CD player, DVD player... and, yes, a turntable. Right now, he has it all hooked up to a very old receiver, which in turn connects to a...
  5. B

    Need help connecting turntable to soundbar through receiver

    Hi, We have a Sony turntable that we routed through an Insignia receiver and into a crappy speaker. We wanted to get good speakers, so we bought a sound bar, thinking we could use it for our TV as well as our turntable. I've tried everything and think I'm connecting it right, but it's not...
  6. O

    Turntable sound to Samsung Led TV

    I have Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable and Samsung Led TV UE50H6270. The turntable has RCA cable (white & red) and the TV has Audio In for RCA (white & red), but when I connect the Turntable to the TV there is no audio on the TV. From the TV sources the AV is not available like there is no...
  7. M

    Turntable plays quietly via amp, do i need a preamp? will it sacrifice sound quality?

    Hello, I have an old turntable hooked up to a new-ish Nobsound amp. it plays very quietly on this amp but fine when i connect it to a sony hifi system i have. Would I need a pre-amp for my amp? Amp: http://i.imgur.com/CvdIHpw.jpg TT: http://i.imgur.com/lSSvxlu.jpg I was looking at the...
  8. C

    Why Can't I Hear Sound When I Play Records Through My USB Turntable Using Magix Audio Cleaning Lab

    I just got this new turntable by ION (TTUSB10) and purchased two vinyl recording softwares. One from Magix and one called Spin It Again. Spin It Again Works Fine, but I'm really a much bigger fan of Magix. So this is the one I want to use because it auto detects the tracks and splits them into...
  9. J

    Amplifier turntable mystery (to me at least)

    When I connect the left channel from my turntable to the amplifier (Technics), the amplifier fan starts buzzing - mystery or what?
  10. panmanthe2nd

    Buying a good 'vintage' record player?

    Hi all, I'm want to buy a good quality record player, and a few people have told me to consider buying a vintage one from somewhere like eBay, as I'll be able to get a better quality player for less money. The problem is that I have no idea what to buy. I want one with very good sound...