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  1. J

    Solved! Turtle Beach PX24 on PC -- mic problems

    Greetings! I am entirely frustrated with this headset that's supposed to work with PC as well as mobile and consoles. I'm hoping that someone here can help me. WINDOWS VERSION: Windows 7. Technically. BACKSTORY: Last Christmas I told Mom "Get me these for Christmas! Please." and she did...
  2. H

    I am looking for a budget PC gaming headset with a quality mic.

    I bought my Turtle Beach P11's for $40 CAD from futureshop few years ago and used it on Ps3 for the longest time. When I switched to PC I still used it daily as I loved the quality and comfort of the mic/headset and especially the mic monitoring (where you can hear yourself speaking). However it...
  3. A

    Optical Audio Connection Adapter

    I'm trying to connect my Turtle Beach Stealth 400 gaming headphones to my Asus G11CD, but my PC lacks an optical output. I'm assuming I need an adapter to use my headphones wirelessly, but I'm still not too sure. Help?
  4. MartinEggman

    Suggested Headset for under £50?

    I'm looking for a replacement to my Plantronics 388 headset, I've been looking at these but not sure which one to get, If anyone has other alternatives then please feel free to share, thank you. Logitech G230 Logitech G430 Corsair Raptor HS40 Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P Turtle Beach x12
  5. L

    I can't use my Turtle Beach X12 with my Headphone Splitter.

    I use a ALBA Headphone Splitter which is a TRS Jack.The headphones work but I can't use the microphone on my Turtle beach in my games,any way to get it to work?
  6. ITsonic

    Need a new headset can anyone help me choose one.

    My Turtle Beach EarForce Z11 headset is broken and out of warranty the right ear of the headset have stopped working and i'm looking for a new one. Your feedback is greatly needed it can also give me show me which headsets I should buy but I'm on a budget and my funds are not so great so here...
  7. M

    Cheap Solution to PC and Console Audio into One Headset

    Hello, I want to have a setup where I can have my pc and console near eachother and go into one audio output. I have two monitors so if I'm playing a console game I want to be able to use my computer at the same time while being able to hear audio from both. I know there is the Turtle Beach ACU...
  8. Z

    Can I use the external sound card that comes with Turtle Beach PX22's with my Kingston cloud II headset?

    I am very uneducated about a lot of audio related technology, I bought a year ago a set of Turtle Beach px22's and they came with an external sound card (I think that's what its called). They headset broke and I recently purchased some Kingston HyperX Cloud II's which also come with an external...
  9. O

    Keep hearing myself in my headset

    Okay so I recently bought Turtle beach mp3 headset with inline mic http://www.amazon.ca...pf_rd_i=desktop. When someone talk they can hear themselves talking through my mic and I can hear myself talking as well, I can hear their echo/feedback and plus they can hear all the background sound I...
  10. V

    Headset MIC playing audio back through

    I've had the Turtle Beach XO Seven headset for a while and they recently started playing audio from headphones back into my mic. I had an Alienware 14 laptop and I recently upgraded to a custom built PC - http://pcpartpicker.com/p/WFMnvK and ever since I upgraded to this PC it's been doing this...
  11. Richard Ricardo

    Need help choosing a headset

    I had the Turtle Beach X12s for almost 3 years now but they crapped out on me just yesterday morning so I decided to go get a new headset. I really liked the x12s because of their sound quality but I don't have a basis of comparison. I would like to know how these turtle beaches sound quality...
  12. S

    My turtle beach headset has sound, but the mic doesn't work?

    So i recently purchased the "Turtle Beach Ear Force Star Wars Gaming Headset for PC and Mobile Devices (TBS-4035-01)" on amazon. It has a removable mic, and two wires to hook it up; a pink one and a green one. I plug the pink one (the mic) into the microphone slot (next to the headphones one) on...
  13. Mr gir

    Looking to upgrade my headset

    Hello. I am looking for a new gaming headset with good audio. I currently have turtle beach x12's and have been using them for around two years maybe longer. I do like them and don't have anything against them I just decided It is time for an upgrade. I'm currently thinking of getting the...
  14. F

    Broken Sound with Turtle Beach PX22

    Hey guys I honestly don't know how to explain this in FULL depth. But I'll do what I can. I'm currently using the "Turtle Beach Earforce PX22 Universal headset" for my PC. On which I game a lot. But the problem with the headphones is that it doesn't play continuous sound. For example let's say I...
  15. A

    Best Wireless Headphones Options?

    My name is Logan and I work from home with a call job and I use a Wired Headset but I want to switch to a wireless headset. Please comment if you have suggestions on the best one listed below or if you have a better suggestion for a Wireless Head set for PC please comment below as well Thank you...
  16. T

    Headset is too quiet (Logitech G230)

    So my primary headset on PC for a while was Turtle Beach PX22s which loved, good comfort and quality. My cat got hungry and ate them, so I got the Logitech G230s since they were very cheap. The first thing I noticed is that they are VERY quiet, I have to keep my volume on 100 to get it...
  17. B

    Trying to use Ear Force Tango headset on PC with Windows 7 but microphone will not work no matter what.

    So I thought I'd get a Bluetooth adapter (Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0) so I could go 100% wireless by using my headset I use on my xbox and it works on my old HP laptop also using Bluetooth 4.0 but for some reason I can't get the microphone to work no matter what settings I change and what I try...
  18. X

    Turtle Beach XP Seven Sound cuts out

    i have had my xp sevens for a while now but just never cared till now and it wont let me use 5.1 surround sound
  19. ekumlin

    Low buzz in XP Seven headset

    I just got a Turtle Beach XP Seven headset, and I have it connected my PC as per the instructions: - USB from computer to ACU - 9-pin-to-3.5mm cord from headset to bottom middle plug of ACU - 3.5mm stereo cord from speaker plug to speaker set When I have the ACU in headset mode, and no sound...
  20. K

    Turtle Beach X12 recognized by windows, but doesn't work in apps

    Hello, I just received a turtle beach x12 headset, and when I try to use skype, BF4, or DayZ, my voice isn't recognized. I checked control panel, and windows 8.1 recognizes it, but nothing else does. They work perfectly on my laptop. I desperately need help with this and any help you guys can...
  21. Khesh

    Help Setting up Turtle Beach Headset on PC

    I've recently switched over from Xbox to PC and I'm wanting to use my Turtle Beach headset on my PC. Currently I'm using some regular speakers (plugged into "Front Speaker" Green jack). I would like to have my PC set up like my Xbox...where Game sound came out of both the headset and the...
  22. S

    Turtle Beach X12 problems

    Hello everyone. I recently bought some X12s and straight away encountered problems that rendered them useless to me. I play World of Warcraft competitively therefore I need to be able to communicate with my team mates. The thing with these headphones is that EVERY sound that comes from my pc...