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  1. B

    Does the av 1912 have optical out?

    Trying to plug in a Turtle beach elite 800 to the AV 1912 but the optical port does not seem to be working. Some confusion as to whether the port in the back is an input (as mentioned by many) or is an output (as mentioned in the manual)
  2. Braydon gines

    Bass In Turtle Beach X12 Crackles and A few other problems how can I fix it?!

    So I really like my new turtle beaches. But I am getting very pissed I take hella good care of them; but While I was playing a game recently one day the MIC fell off, then 2 days later the Plastic on the Right Headphone decided it was going to break and now the bass is all crackly. I tried to...
  3. G

    Hi, I know absolutely nothing of any turtle beach stuff xD

    I was thinking about buying the Turtle Beach PX22 but to be honest, I have no interest in using it for gaming, rather just using these as headphones to listen to my music on the laptop. Does anyone know if these or turtle beaches can be used as regular headphones on laptops? And if their audio...
  4. morgan payne

    help with turtle beach z60 surround sound

    hello as you are all aware Christmas is today and I got the z60 headset I would like help with this 7.1 surround sound when I choose configure in the speakers in the playback settings and says this format is not supported by this device please help my laptop is a Dell latitude E7240 thanks a...
  5. Jeroen B

    Razer kraken pro or turtle beach px22/z22 ( whats the difference??)

    So title says it all wich one would be better since im looking for a 'good' first headset around 70 euro. For me the razer kraken pro ( black) looks alot more appealing. Also the durability and comfort seems alot better. Only major letdown is that there are no controls for volume etc. Tb px22...