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    Solved! Problem with my typing Windows 10

    Hi, I have problems with my typing, after a couple of minutes my typing become something like latin letters (œ¶ß) and there is nothing I can't do to change it. I search for a virus and I found : hacktool:win32/keygen. I removed it. But still have the same problem. I have download 2 antivirus, 3...
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    Unpressed keys typing in the middle of sentences

    Hello, My friend's laptop has started inserting '////' whenever he types, in random sections, such as: Took for/ev/er t/o// en/t/er /m/y /pa/s/s/w//or//d. Think it's /fi/x/e/////d//////////////// ooop maybe not. It's a Medion laptop with 8gb Intel core i7 running Windows 10. It was working...
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    My computer starts typing on its own.

    My computer starts typing 1 and 0 everywhere I go. (any Internet page, or in-game chat). It keeps opening Windows Media Player and Windows Explorer. This happened only once, 5-6 days ago and I thought it's gone but it isn't. Anyone can give me some tips?