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  1. Brokenheadphones

    Question The left side of my headphones keeps sporadically changing volume

    This just started happening out of nowhere but my left side headphone will keep going completely mute and then I'll change the volume of it and it will start working again but will keep changing volume at will, then the next time it stops playing audio once I start playing audio again it will be...
  2. ZambieMaster

    Solved! Need some serious help with my tablet (can't install/ uninstall anything)

    Okay so I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post, but I need some serious help with my tablet. My tablet messed up yesterday really badly and it deleted almost all my apps from my tablet spare a few like Google, Youtube and two other games, but everything else is gone. I've had this...
  3. L

    Thinkpad Edge 11 Not turning off after shutdown, and fan stays at full speed even when cool.

    On my Thinkpad Edge 11 about a year ago a strange issue appeared, the laptop won't turn off after shutdown, and the fan stays at full speed at very cold temps. I know that the software is not the issue because i tested other OSes such as Ubuntu and it does not turn off, but it is able to...
  4. A

    dell 5555 keyboard issue

    Hi... There is a thing - left part (by f5 : letter "b" diagonal, exclude "alt") of keyboard stops working with random period. Power reset or bios flashing/updating fix it everytime but for not so long. After 1-2 days it crushes again. Explaining this F would be nice....