Question The left side of my headphones keeps sporadically changing volume

Jan 28, 2020
This just started happening out of nowhere but my left side headphone will keep going completely mute and then I'll change the volume of it and it will start working again but will keep changing volume at will, then the next time it stops playing audio once I start playing audio again it will be completely mute again. Please help because this is actually driving me insane I have no idea what could possibly cause this
Does it do this on different sources?
If it does then it seems like an intermittent break in the wire going to the left channel or a problem with the speaker itself on that side. It sometimes responds like that. The wire in most headphones is quite thin and sometimes made of recycled copper or even aluminum. Not repairable except by replacing the wire and that's often not worth the trouble except with expensive headphones.
If not then the problem may be the way the plug fits the source.