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  1. CarlsoNegro

    Solved! 1 USB Headset 2 Laptops

    I work remotely with a laptop provided by my company with a USB headset. (laptop 1) I would like to test an AI program that is responsive to key words from both myself and my callers using my other laptop. (laptop 2) I’d like to test this before making it a suggestion to Corp. Is It possible...
  2. blogs4t

    Solved! How to share one USB headset between two computers without plugging in and out and compatible with zoom, microsoft teams, ringcentral meetings etc?

    Looking for ways to share/use one USB headset (wired or with a wireless adapter NOT bluetooth) between two laptops running windows (8 or 10) such that: I can seamlessly speak and listen while attending meetings between these two laptops without plugging in and out the USB headset. Not looking to...
  3. CallMeMilk

    Question Audio jack headset not being picked up usb headset being picked up

    My headset that plugs into the audio jack doesn't work but My Friends Headset that plug into the usb does. can i fix this? i have tried reinstalling drivers 6 times and still nothing. Its not a laptop but i could find the right a category. i just built the pc today and the audio jack headphones...
  4. T

    mic says its working but no one can hear me.

    I have had no problems for about 6 months after getting my new pc. Now, however, my mic seems to have stopped working. I have a g430 logitech usb headset. I'm sure it isn't the headset that is the problem though, as i have tested it in my audio manager, skype, ts3, ventrilo, etc., and they all...
  5. M

    Analog vs. USB Headset

    So what's the difference between the two? i've heard that sometimes there might be some interference with the 3.5 cord headset while the USB one has no issues at all... is that correct? i don't have any soundcard installed so that means i'll be using the mobo to connect the headset to.... I...
  6. T

    Problem With Rosewill RHTS-8206 Vibration Gaming Headet

    I recently received this very nice USB headset in the mail, and everything was working great out of the box. It's been a little under 24 hours, and I'm starting to experience problems. Firstly, there's static. Almost unbearable static. There isn't any when I'm not playing or listening to...