Problem With Rosewill RHTS-8206 Vibration Gaming Headet


Mar 20, 2013
I recently received this very nice USB headset in the mail, and everything was working great out of the box. It's been a little under 24 hours, and I'm starting to experience problems.

Firstly, there's static. Almost unbearable static. There isn't any when I'm not playing or listening to anything, it only starts up when I listen to music, there's idle noises, or when I'm watching a show, etc. I can't properly hear anything with the static, and it happens every few seconds of doing something with sound or music. I thought it might be a bass issue, but I uninstalled my Realtek drivers to make way for Rosewill's drivers (thought they would conflict). I doodled with all the settings in Windows Sound, but nothing. Even if I turn it down, there's still the static.

Secondly, the mic doesn't work inside the headset. It's detachable, so I plugged it into the microphone jack to see if it was a faulty mic. It works just fine. The setting in the sound tab says the volume is 100% (when it's plugged into the headset) even though it says there's no sound going into it. I used Windows Recorder to re-test it and sure enough, it "works" but refuses to work with Skype or any other applications of the like (they say there's no sound going in).

I hope that wasn't too confusing to follow, but I'm not very concerned about the microphone, to be honest. I'm mostly irritated with the static as I use the headset for music listening/show watching/gaming more than talking to people. Also, the vibration is just fine and beefy and enabling / disabling it makes no difference in the static or mic problems. Thanks for any help.


Mar 8, 2014
I was hoping someone would post a solution. I am having the exact same problem. It worked fine the very first time I used it. Second day, all static