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  1. H

    Counter Strike 1.6 Loading script au.vbs failed access is denied

    Counter Strike 1.6 Loading script au.vbs failed access is denied everytime i run the game whether admin or not. https://imgur.com/a/q71bpXK
  2. M

    I found a file named yam.exe in my processes

    Earlier today I noticed a strange file named "script.vbs" in my startup routine, and it points to a file named "yam.exe" that's found in my start menu, which also was running in my processes. I opened the "script.vbs" using a text editor and found it pointing to an address of...
  3. D

    Malware I can't remove.

    I have multiple instances of Malware showing up during Avast scanning, specifically VBS: Malware-gen. Last night, the 21/02/2017 at 9pm, I ran a scan that came up clean. This morning, the 22/02/2017 at 11am, the scan turned up 31 instances of this VBS malware. I tried removing, then ran again...
  4. M

    Background Copying Software

    Hi guys I am a 14 years old Student and i was looking for a software to copy thing from my teachers pen drives (flash memory) to mine The problem is that when i ask them for doing so the refuse because of the short classes time So is there is a software for this task maybe programming a power...
  5. B

    Church laptop is linked to a monitor to display things on the big screen. I can get sound but no picture, can somebody please

    I am doing VBS this week at church and we have a laptop hooked up so that we can show videos on the big screen for everyone to see. I am using the VBS videos from youtube and I can get sound but no picture. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I really need information today as soon as...
  6. E

    Can't click on ActiveX control in Excel 2010

    I have a .xlsm file that has ActiveX control button with a module macro assigned to it. Problem is I can't click the ActiveX button from my Excel 2010 Standard. I tried to repair and reinstall Excel but that did not fix it. Tried adding a new ActiveX control to the worksheet but got "Cannot...
  7. S

    vbs to batch

    I am somewhat new to both vbs and batch programming but i am trying to write a program that will launch a vbs message box and depending on what answer is chosen in the message box it would launch a program or do nothing. The problem is i cannot seem to find a way to write the program without...
  8. A

    VBS script not running every time

    Hey, so pretty much, it is as the title states. I have set up a VBS script and it does run but not always. I have to click on it multiple times for it to work. It a script to set up a wallpaper as a background and I have it set with a task scheduler so that it changes wallpapers in relation to...
  9. V

    Is a batch and VBS script examples of programs or what is it?

    hey guys, i am not a guy that does suspicious things but i want to learn how to program and how it works, so i saw one guy creating a simple key-logger on a program called "Python" well is that a sort of program he created and is a batch and VBS also an example of programs... I don't want to...
  10. C

    compile a .vbe into a exe

    How do I compile a .vbe into .exe? I have a .vbs script that contains the password and require it to be secure. Instead of compiling the .vbs into a .exe (less secure), I have compiled the .vbs into a .vbe and now would like to compile it into a .exe Please can someone tell me what tool to use...
  11. Y

    Solved: Pass a variable from VBS to batch

    I am working on a batch script for my specific purpose. The batch has launches a program like so: start /w program.exe %1 This way I can easily pass variable to my batch using a shortcut. Like: C:\mybatch.bat "My variable" Because I the batch waits for the program to do its job, it could be open...
  12. p4nz3rm4d

    VBS fake message...

    Howzit guys. i have a LAN party coming up, and since they pulled the "second mouse to annoy the #$%& out of me" trick, i wanted to get them back! i was looking as some HARMLESS solutions, and thought a .vbs popup would be halerious! iv looked everywhere, but any code i copy doesnt work! iv...
  13. G

    My vbs don't work using AD

    Hello, i apologize for my English. my problem is than i have write a vbs which add or remove printers on local machine but when I'm hosted that on my active directory this script don't apply when a user log on on machine. someone can help me.
  14. C

    My hardisk is full of viruses, need help to clean it!

    Please help me! My Seagate 20GB hardisk was infected by viruses, and crash my hardisk. Anti-vir and AVG anti virus detected VBS/Redlof.e, heur/cryted/ spr/destart and wpcb.3207 virus. Anti-vir had clean the spr/destart and wpcb.3207 virus and I though had cleaned also the vbs/redlof.e, and...