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  1. Thines_1

    Looking for a better alternative for this converter

    Hey! I have this VCD/AV converter to transmit video from my STB to my TV downstairs (Picture of the converter below), but it only delivers SD quality. I know its using a AV input, is there any alternatives using HDMI to deliver HD quality because i could find anything similar to it. It also has...
  2. psm360

    Mic to aux-in conversion on samsung vcd player

    Hi, I have an old Samsung triple VCD player z-810 which still works great. It has a built-in amp for speakers. So I want to use it with my pc or other gadgets like iPod/mobile phones via AUX-in, which unfortunately it doesn't have one. It has two 6.35mm (1/4in) microphone inputs. I can get...
  3. N

    HELP! convert a vcd file to mpeg or .avi

    Hi, I need help converting a video cd file to an .avi or mpeg. I can't find any programs that will let me do it. If any of you could help me that would be amazing. Thanks
  4. T

    How to burn .avi files to DVD?or VCD

    I tried burning a .AVI file to VCD earlier and it showed the picture just fine on the dvd player but there was no sound.. any suggestions? another question is how do i burn it into a DVD? I use Nero.
  5. shadowjagans

    2 VCD -> 1 DVD

    well i wanted to burn a movie but unfortunately its in VCD version its double discs and when i burn them i want to burn them into a DVD (saves me space and i hate changing CDs while watchin movies) does anyone know a good program that can mend 2 VCD files together into one so i can burn them...
  6. G

    Wanted: "Sith" On Vcd. :-LD

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi Laserpiles., I know this is going to make some people mad. But the dvd newsgroup is on deaf ears. Anyway does anybody know where (Besides ebay and P2P sites) or websites is selling a vcd of "Revenge Of The Sith" (Just plain awesome!)...
  7. L


    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is there a way to record a VCD from a show recorded on Replaytv and imported to my pc.
  8. H

    avi to vcd?

    Looking for good freeware that can make .avi files into vcd format any suggestions?
  9. R

    VCD made by Nero have sound problem

    I just capture some video from my DV and I use Nero 5.8 to convert it into a VCD. When I paly the VCD on my computer, the sound will come out later than the video. Why.
  10. Grub

    Can' t Make VCD's

    I am using Ulead studio 6 for capturing. It seems to perform fine, but when I render it to VCD and burn it witht the Ulead software, my DVD player won't recognize anything on the disk. It just continues to search forever. The DVD players says that it reads VCD's. I am burning the movies...
  11. M

    Questions about making VCD..

    1) Converting avi to VCD I want to convert avi to VCD. Can you give me some softwares that can do this? I have used EO Video to convert avi files into VCD format. Then used Nero to create VCD. 2) Converting rm to VCD Can you convert rm (I think it's real audio format) to VCD? Which softwares do...
  12. J

    converting from digital 8 camcorder to vcd

    Hi, expert user please help me out. I use sony digital camcorder shoot an video clip when I was on the trip in taiwan. I would like to convert the video clip onto vcd and send to some of my friend instead dubb them on the VHS tape. well, seems like no matter how I try. I can't get the quality...
  13. L

    vcd burning prog

    What do you all recommend to use when burning mpeg to vcd? I don't want to use easy cd 5 because it crashes alot on my comp, and I've tried prassi primo, but it doesn't seem to work that well...
  14. B

    VCD will not play on my computer

    A VCD will play on my $89. Apex DVD player, & on a friends HP laptop w/ Win ME & DVD ROM & on another friends Desktop w/ Win 98 & CD RW using the players that came with his ATI video card or his Sound Blaster Live. It will not play on my Desktop w/ Win 98 SE & CD RW. Windows Media Player (...
  15. C

    Exporting to VCD in Premier

    I'm trying to create a VCD. After editing my movie in Adobe Premier, I need to export it to .mpg format. Using the "save for web" feature, which format should I select? Is it the "MPEG > 2X CDROM PAL 352 X 288"? The resolution of 352 X 288 seems pretty low. Another thing is, when I export the...
  16. G

    No sound when I create VCD

    Hi all you all I have a small (I hope) problem. When I capture video and audio to a .AVI file the captured file works all right with both video and audio but when i use NERO to create a VCD I only manages to get the video. Is there anything that I must do to the audio in the AVI file prior to...
  17. G

    Copying Tapes to VCD

    I have been trying to convert my movies to vcd. I have no problem capturing from TV or dubbed movies, but when I try to use a retail movie, the capture freezes at 30 seconds. Anyone else heard of this? Is this a copy protection feature? I am using the ATI AIW Radeon, 128MB DDR, Asus A7M266...
  18. G

    Does anyone know how to copy a VCD format?

    Hi everyone, My friend and I just purchase a VCD, unfortunately there is only one left and the producer won't publish this title anymore in the future. I have tried to use WINONCD 3.7, EASY CD CREATOR DELUXE 4.0 to make a copy of it, in vain. It seems to burn the disk alright; however, when I...
  19. P

    Creating A VCD

    Hi, Right, I'm all set. I created a 5min video clip from my digital camera. Captured it onto disk as an Avi using ULEAD mediastudio pro. Used same to convert to an NTSC VCD MPEG1 file (352x240) at around 50MB. Used NeroBurn5 to create a native VCD. Now - the problem, I can use an app...
  20. G

    asf/divx/smr to vcd?

    can anyone suggest me some softwares that will convert asf, divx or smr into images or files that i can burn them into vcd? thanks