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    Defrag RCA Viking Pro10

    My tablet keeps bringing up video ads in the middle of other Apps.
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    Solved! My viking pro rca is flashing viking pro back to opening page then back to viking pro

    Viking pro flashes to opening screen for 4 sec. Then back to viking pro screen how do i fix this
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    Help Help my friends RCA Viking Pro that I reset from recovery menu

    I have pressed power button with volume up button got to the welcome screen but it requires previous email we tried "forgot email?" but it keeps bringing us back to the beginning and it says email not found on this account. Please help
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    Solved! Resizing Pictures RCA Viking Pro 2 in 1

    Wanted to know how to resize pictures and screenshots after taking pictures with Viking Pro 2 in 1 Tablet camera app. I am also having problems finding pictures and screenshots after taking them too. Sometimes they show up in Google Drive and sometimes within the camera app but not all the...
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    Solved! On my Viking Pro tablet keep getting message "process system isn't responding"

    When I go to turn my tablet on it frequently powers up. When the screen comes on there is a message: Process system isn't responding. Do you want to close it? Sometimes it will power down when I am still using it. The battery appears to be okay.
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    I got a rca viking pro tadlet i cant get in to it with my patern the arplan modd is on how do i get back in to it

    I cant get in to my tablet with my patern the arplan mod is on iv tried every thing i could think of
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    Solved! can i download windows to my rca viking pro?

    can i download windows 8 or 10 to my RCA viking pro?
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    Solved! viking 10 pro rca tablet android

    im trying to boot win 10 on it as im more wanting it as a laptop viking 10 pro rca tablet android
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    authentification problem for wifi

    Need to reset an old router for wifi connection on RCA Viking Pro Tablet
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    Brand new RCA Viking 1 week old, suddenly no power.

    That's about it in a nutshell. I bought a pink RCA Viking Pro 10 in. Tablet from a week ago. Played it for a week, fell on love, now this morning I leave for work and unplug it to take with as usual. Get to work, power it on. Nothing. No beep no nothing. Use the portable battery...
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    After doing a hard reset on my rca viking pro 10" it still wont start stuck on rcd screen

    Rca viking pro 10" still stuck on RCA screen after factory reset, anyone no how to fix this problem Thank you
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    My DVD ROM Player is not working on my RCA 10 Viking Pro Tablet. What should do?

    I have a LITEON brand DVD ROM player that used to work on my old laptop, but why isn't it working with my new tablet?
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    I tried everything to have my RCA Viking pro back open completely. It turns on but for hours in has the beginning " Viking Pro

    My Pro Viking works well charging, touching as well as turning on or off. However, once it starts in slides on "Viking Pro" only. It will sit in that area for hours only. Why?
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    Why does my tablet take so long to startup

    It takes my viking pro almost 3 minutes to start up. Been like that since i baught it. Is that normal
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    My Viking pro

    My Viking pro will say the battery is low and if it cuts off and I plug it in it will Rea like 84percent???
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    I can't find the serial number or IMEI to my 10 Viking Pro tablet, RTC6KO3W13H1

    I need the serial number or IMEI for my 10 Viking pro
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    how do i get rid of viruses on rca 10 viking pro

    you have 2 viruses download his immiedily. its porn
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    my talbet is showing problems

    when my tablet android comes on it shows viking pro then its goes to android is optimizing app 1 to 1 then its says apps are staring but then it comes back to Viking pro it doesn't turn on back
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    My rca tablet is stuck on fastboot mode

    I turned on my rca viking tablet and it came to a black screen that says =>FASTBOOT mode... On the bottom. It will not let me power it down or anything. What can I do?
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    I have had my Viking pro tablet only 3days and it won’t turn on!!

    3days and my biking pro 2in1tablet will not come on! I’ve tried resetting it and still nothing, I’m at a standstill now!
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    Software version compatible with my RCA VIKING PRO

    java version isn't compatible with my RCA Viking Pro tablet
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    Cant remember the google account that was sync on my tabelet

    Viking tablet cant get pass the google ,account,cant remember my account
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    Rca Viking pro will not connect to Bluetooth

    Tablet will not connect Bluetooth to my device. Did work fine all at once stop contacting
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    Recall on rca Viking pro tablet

    I'm wondering if there was a recall on my Viking Pro RCA 2 in 1 tablet battery. can somebody send me the model numbers that were recalled cuz presently I cannot open my tablet cuz it's only has a 1% charge and it won't charge even though it states it's charging any help would work thank you Brenda
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    I have a viking Pro RCA tablet while I'm playing the games the sound will work for about 5-10 minutes then the sound disappear

    I have an RCA Viking Pro 10.1 Android tablet the sound will work at first on the games then within 10 minutes the sound goes off if I turn the tablet off and back on that resolves the problem but the same thing happens again or if I hit the back button and go back to the game it will work for...
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    Rca viking pro

    Will not turn on and when I plug it in to charge the charger light does not come on
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    Rca Viking pro

    Can I use any micro usb to charge my Rca Viking pro tablet. I have one with a 5v adapter. Will it hurt my tablet to use it???
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    RCA Viking Pro 10 Headphone Jack doesn't work with headphones unless I bend the headphone jack on the headphones while it's pl

    The headphone jack on my RCA tablet is basically broken. I've tried 3 different types of headphones with it, none work. My Philips headphones only work when plugged in and bent. I have to put pressure on the headphone jack of the headphones for it to work though. I've also tried some skullcandys...
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    Can't get tablet to operating screen

    My rca tablet viking pro will charge and turn but it will not let me past the viking pro screen. I have tried reset button and power and volume button with no luck.
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    See if my 10 inch RCA Viking pro tablet 6.0 marshmallow has a phone number

    Does my Viking pro tablet have a phone number
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    Looking for a screen for RCA Viking 10 pro

    Where can I buy the screen of the RCA Viking pro10, it fell down and broke
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    RCA Viking Pro tablet one year old won't hold a charge but I can use it as long as it's plugged into a charger into a wall

    My RCA Viking Pro tablet is 1 year old all of a sudden it's not holding a charge. I can use it as long as it's plugged into the wall on a charger as soon as I take it off the charger it dies
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    viking no enternet

    Viking pro keeps saying wifi connected no enternet funny thing laptop works fie and smart streams netflix
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    tether lg leon to viking pro tablet.

    I want to avoid using my hotspot usage. How can I USB tether my lg leon using only unlimited mobile data to my viking pro tablet? Thx for your interest.
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    RCA Viking II Storage/Memory Problem

    I have an RCA Viking II tablet my problem is that whenever I try to download from Google Play I keep getting insufficient storage. I have cleaned caches. Used Clean master to help clean. Scanned the net to see if I could find an answer as well. I have tablet set to use SD Card for apps and...
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    RCA Viking Pro tablet

    Why does it take a long time for my Viking Pro tablet to charge
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    USB Flash Photos

    Can I view photos on USB flash on 10" Viking? It lists MP4s but not photos.
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    viking pro usb camera not working

    On a new Android 5.0 Viking Pro 10.1 inch tablet.... the external USB camera does not work. I have downloaded and tested over a dozen Camera and Endoscope apps, and nothing works. However, my PC and a Samsung phone work fine. I think this may be a problem specific to RCA. Has anyone had any...
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    can i use my RCA VIKING PRO 10.1 INCH tablet as a second screen?

    can i use my RCA VIKING PRO 10.1 INCH tablet as a second screen since it has a hdmi port?
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    RCA viking pro tablet on Hard reset but it won't turn on or charge HELP PLEASE

    RCA viking pro tablet When it was on it was showing a message that said UIDS inconsistent and I pressed a button that said "I'm feeling lucky" then found recovery menu then I pressed wipe cache/partition and then it said it was done and then I went back to the recovery menu and pressed power...
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    My friends RCA 10 Viking pro stopped working and it won't turn back on what to do

    Ok so my friend was playing on his RCA 10 Viking pro and he was downloading some apps but then randomly stopped working like it just turned off and we tryed turning it back on but it won't. Have any of you guys know how to fix this problem?
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    Viking Portable Record Player - How to Connect Speakers

    Ok, I have to admit that I'm a complete newbie when it comes to old fashioned equipment and common sense ;) I hope somebody could help me how I could connect speakers to this beautiful vintage record player. Any help much appreciated.