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  1. C

    Adapting a vintage Seikanon 28mm 2.8 to my GH4?

    Hello! Ive been shopping around at goodwill and other thrift stores picking up camera lenses. I found a 28mm 2.8 MC auto lens by Seikanon. I was wondering if anyone knows what mount it has and what adapter(s) i can use to put it on my gh4?
  2. M

    Pushed the arm of a CR79 Crosley too far

    So I got this old player from my Grandmother today and I was figuring it all out and it was fun. I knew I had to replace a few parts in the CD player which I know how to do and was all set on that. Being only 17 and never actually have played a record before I busted out my Panic at the Disco...
  3. K

    Connecting old record player to old speakers

    I have an old Midi 46 record player that has a red and white LR output with the grounding cable. The old speakers that are with it the cables coming out are just two thin cables that at the end are just exposed wire. I get that I probably need a pre amp but I cant find one that I think will...
  4. Azurex

    Need to install an OS. No working CD-ROM or USB ports. What are my options?

    Hi all, So, I've owned an old AST Ascentia P Series for quite a number of years now, and recently I've purchased a new hard drive for it, since the last one couldn't hold data longer than an hour before erasing itself. Strange issue, I know. Anyway! The laptop itself only has one CD-ROM drive...
  5. G

    How much is my vintage computer worth?

    I have an old pair of vintage HP Vectra computers. They are both of the VL/200 series. They have some mild fading on them, (see pictures) and I have replaced the CD drive in both of them. They work fine though, and have been thoroughly tested and preloaded with Microsoft Windows 98 Second...
  6. D

    "How is this laptop still running?"

    A client drops off a couple archaic laptops and explains that he only needs one of them with WiFi and to run programming software for his modified cars. His needs are by no means demanding, so I chose the highest quality laptop which happens to be a Japanese-made Toshiba tablet PC with a 1.33...
  7. V

    Vintage Lens Question for Canon 60D

    Hey there! If no one can answer this here, I'd sure appreciate a nudge on where to go to get it answered. I got a vintage Nikkor Lens (24mm AIS) and grabbed a Fotodiox Nikkon-to-EOS converter. I knew going into it that i'd have to manually set everything, but the images/video are coming out much...
  8. S

    Best Digital SLR Camera for a very beginner (cheap)

    Hey guys, So I only know one for two things about cameras. I study Animation and VFX at Uni and might start to do some simple photography from time to time. So anyways I'm looking for a digital camera. My budget is $1000 US or the cheaper the better for me. The reason I'm starting this thread is...
  9. C

    Vintage Toshiba Satellite 210CS Will not start

    Hi all, I bought a bundle of Toshiba laptops from about 1995-96' the other day and I got three of the five going and I'm not concerned about the other one as it's parts but I'd like to get this one going. The Notebook in question is a Toshiba Satellite 210CS which for some strange reason when...
  10. panmanthe2nd

    Buying a good 'vintage' record player?

    Hi all, I'm want to buy a good quality record player, and a few people have told me to consider buying a vintage one from somewhere like eBay, as I'll be able to get a better quality player for less money. The problem is that I have no idea what to buy. I want one with very good sound...