Best Digital SLR Camera for a very beginner (cheap)


Nov 12, 2015
Hey guys, So I only know one for two things about cameras. I study Animation and VFX at Uni and might start to do some simple photography from time to time. So anyways I'm looking for a digital camera. My budget is $1000 US or the cheaper the better for me. The reason I'm starting this thread is because most of my friends have Cannon 5D mark 2 and big expensive professional cameras like that which are over $3000 I think. Unfortunately I do not have the money to purchase such. But with my low budget I want to buy a unique camera with a unique lens, which appears different from most cameras and has posh look to it, and takes high quality images and video. And that has similar specs compared to a expensive camera.
Back to the lens: I know nothing about lenses. so please help me out guys haha. I want a unique kind of a lens (cheap) where not many of my mates might have it. The lens photos needs to have rare look to it compared to other photos and it needs to take cool looking photos is well. I know this probably could be done in photoshop with most photos and etc, but it would be cool if the photos from the lens has an IMAX kind of a look with grain and little vintage and sharp good quality images (kinda like film) if that makes sense to you guys.
These are the situations where I will be Mostly using the Camera.
1. Video Tracking (for animation and visual effects)
2 .Party Photography
3. Short film making
4. Traveling & Landscape
5. Fashion
Sorry if i was asking for too much. Thank you guys and I really Appreciate the he


If your friends have Canon, go with something like a Canon T6i or even 70D (which will be in your budget come black friday), and mooch off lenses until you can afford something. For now you should have the kit lens and then

Basically anyone that knows what they are doing will have lenses outside your budget and NOTHING is unique, at least nothing less than ~10k


If it is a cheap look you want for lenses and cheap in price then you can look at Holga lenses - I doubt any of you mates have those. The lenses are made of plastic and are used for various effects. They are more of a novelty item than anything else. As has been suggested a Canon camera is not a bad choice.




Oct 27, 2007

So I guess I have midget hands! My drag along body with 40mm pancake when I do not want to bring my 70D. Have no problems using it at all!



Probably ;)
My hands can't actually grasp the SL1 properly at all, every joint in my fingers is too long for that tiny "grip" it has, and my girlfriend opted for a rebel when she held it and noticed that even a tiny bit of nail was enough to be unable to grab the thing properly.

I personally suggest a full sized body like the X0D and XD lines, but rebels are usually enough if you don't have a large hand. If you're going to be using the camera for >6 years like my 5D MKII, the cost ends up being not much at all compared to surgery for joint damage!


Oct 25, 2014
Honestly I would look at the mirrorless cameras for your needs...I have a couple high $ DSLR's both full prame and crop, I always go back to my Sony A6000. Its a small factor camera with a high dollar pic quality. Order cheap lens adapters off ebay and use any old lens you want for some great effects and bang for your buck. It teaches you to manual focus with the older lenses also...I think that tought me more about photography than anything else.
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