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    Solved! One plus 5 camera

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me. Soon I'll be going on holiday and I wanted to take pictures but at the moment, I only have a One Plus 5. I was wondering if this is good to shoot in low light situations as I plan on taking pictures of the night sky. If it's not, are there any...
  2. H

    Canon 77D and Panasonic G7

    Hey folks, Can i get some help here, i got a Canon 77D last week and Panasonic G7 last month but i want a better lens for both. Which lens should i buy for each or any lens that will work for both. I want 2 lenses with f1.7 or lower but it doesn't have to be zoom, i want them for mostly videos...
  3. D

    Canon 18-55mm STM Lens F-1.2 or 1.4 or 1.8

    Hello, I have EOS 70D and i m using the 18-55mm STM f3.5 Lens that come with the camera it s nice one it dose the job The only down side it s in low light so i was wondering if there is same one with smaller Aperture ! Thanks
  4. Hello man

    Zooms V.S. Primes for Sports Photography

    The speed and sharpness of a prime V.S. the versatility of a zoom lens. This is, no doubt, one of the more contested topics among photographers of all disciplines. Though there is a valid argument for each, it is often hard for the beginning or even experienced photographer to decide which makes...
  5. A

    Should I buy another lens?

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a cannon 700d that comes with a kit lens: EOS 700D Digital SLR Camera + EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens Kit However, I have been advised to buy this lens: EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens Having looked a bit into it is seems that the kit lens has zoom and image...
  6. A

    Lens for canon 700d?

    Hi, I want to buy a camera so that I can take good pictures, film some unboxing videos and do vlogs. I don’t know much about cameras but I am considering buying a Canon EOS 700d. However, I do not know what lens to buy. I want it to have good autofocus and a decent zoom range. I’m thinking...
  7. iPaperKillz

    Nikon D3100 Lens Won't Focus

    Foreword: I am new to photography and cameras in general (seriously, like 1 week old). I have a Red Nikon D3100 which a family member gave to me because it wouldn't focus. I take a few photos with the Auto mode and they all come out blurry. I take off the lens and look through the glass at the...
  8. F

    how large is the magnification of 50 2.5 macro than 50 1.8?

    hello I'm just curious with macro lenses since I haven't had one. situation: I am deciding which will I buy. 50mm f1.2 or 50mm 2.5 macro. I have a Japanese customer and he wants me to take pictures of different insects. but I want to know if I can still use this after this project. questions...
  9. F

    why 760d is sharper than 5d?

    something weird I am now testing the gift that I gave to my brother "760d". why is it it seems sharper than my 5D? doest it mean that my 5d is broken or there are many hot pixels?
  10. F

    does anyone know anything about anamorphic?

    alright I got my canon C100 at last. I tested it and I'm more than satisfied. but what about adding an anamorphic lens adapter? anyway if my camera can record 1920x1080 how can I use it anyway? as I know anamorphic is for camera that can record 1: 1 video right? I saw some people with anamorphot...
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    best lens with IS for my needs

    I know that primes are sharper than zoom lens but I think I need them for my travelling set. I only have 50mm 1.8 85mm 1.8 135 2.0 I am using it for event videos, corporate and for portraits what about a shorter focal legnth than Canon ef-s 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS?
  12. F

    lens AF very is noisy

    hhello I have a 50mm f1.8 lens. my cousin get my 50 f1.8 without permission and after she returned it to I noticed that the AF became too noisy. I know it will be noisy because it doesn't have a stepping motor. the problem it's 2x noisier than before. is there any solution for this? may I...
  13. G

    Anyone know about this lens?

    I happen to come across this lens for $15 bucks about a week ago. The specs are: Sun Opt. Lens Macro Telephoto 135mm at 1: 2.8 For 15 bucks, why not?? pretty good specs for a lens and it was in great condition!. I have a Dropbox link so you can see the lens. The thing is, I have no...
  14. V

    Vintage Lens Question for Canon 60D

    Hey there! If no one can answer this here, I'd sure appreciate a nudge on where to go to get it answered. I got a vintage Nikkor Lens (24mm AIS) and grabbed a Fotodiox Nikkon-to-EOS converter. I knew going into it that i'd have to manually set everything, but the images/video are coming out much...
  15. S

    Best Digital SLR Camera for a very beginner (cheap)

    Hey guys, So I only know one for two things about cameras. I study Animation and VFX at Uni and might start to do some simple photography from time to time. So anyways I'm looking for a digital camera. My budget is $1000 US or the cheaper the better for me. The reason I'm starting this thread is...
  16. F

    How to attach lens to camcorder?

    hello guys how can I attach my ef 50mm f1.2 lens on my camcorder? should I remove the default lens of an ordinary camcorder? then point the back of the lens to sensor? will this work?
  17. S

    Need Advice/Feedback on Nikon Wide-angle lens

    Hello I have a Nikon D7100 camera and I am thinking of buying Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX-II Anyone have a feedback on this or better alternatives?
  18. S

    Nikon D7100 Wide angle lens

    Hi I bought a Nikon d7100 camera. I am looking for a wide angle lens I can use to take nature/landscape photos. My budget is up to £500 many thanks
  19. V

    D3200 Lens compatibility?

    I have a D3200 body with a kit lens + a 70-300mm lens that I bought. I'm after a fisheye lens. I'm currently looking at the AF Fisheye Nikkor 10.5mm 1:2.8 G ED DX Lens. I've read a few reviews and it seems to be quite decent. However, I've had bad experiences of buying incompatible lens filters...
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    Nikon DSLR lens

    Hi Can someone please tell me the name or model of this lens or anything with a similar design?
  21. L

    entry level... is it ok for me?

    Hello all, I'm on a Reflex crisis, I wish to buy one but I still have some doubt. I'll tell you some thought I had hoping to receive your feedback. I landed on a entry level category. Why an entry level? Budget: about 800euro. Full Frame / Focus points / Double ring / pentaprisme: I don't know...