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  1. P

    Solved! Vm software for Gaming

    Is there a low cost (under 20 dollars) or free vm software that could be used to make a 2 player gaming rig?
  2. M

    I need to buy a PC for Augmented Reality.

    I need to buy an PC that is ready for an AR headset (Meta -2). For the PC my budget is 800. I won't use it for intense gaming but I want something that I can upgrade and build on. For now Its mostly for data visualization and multiple screen interaction. I am new to gaming PCs. Where do I start...
  3. S

    Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 GPU Memory

    How to increase GPU Memory in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007? I have only 4 MB in Windows 98.
  4. C

    remove unauthorized virtual machine

    i need some help on gettin a virtual machine an old "friend" of mine put on my pc i realllly need help, been fighting this thing for a while and i dont know what to do anymore
  5. Kyle_77

    Virtural PC 2007 does not like me

    When I go to "CD" at the top Virtual PC 2007 freezes. I need to put ISO's into my VM and I can't.
  6. D

    Virtual PC Builder

    Just as the title suggest virtually build a PC with the components dimensions to see if they can in fact fit properly with little to no obstruction of moving pieces. Also a benchmark tool would be cool but not really necessary. Does this software exist?
  7. I

    building a pc help

    i wanna know which pc can run gta iv!!!(not v) at the lowest price but it will run softly on the best setting preformance... to help you i got the system req: Minimum: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4Ghz Memory: 1.5GB Free Hard Drive Space: 16GB Video Card: 256MB...
  8. D

    low level virtualisation

    Is there any program that would allow running mustiple os es on a pc (something like vmware vSphere) but capable of using gpu acceleration of a pc it runs on and showing desktops on the monitors attached? So I can run windows and linux simultaneously, not running one inside another. sorry for my...
  9. I

    Virtual Box and Virtual PC Error

    So, I'm trying to install a x64 VM in virtual pc and I get the error message "Attempting to load a 64-bit application, however this cpu is not compatible with 64-bit mode." My cpu and motherboard are vt-x compatible and I have intel virtualization technology enabled in bios. The funny thing is...
  10. mktoater

    Can I run a virtual OS with the OS that is installed on my HDD?

    I'm not sure where to put this thread, but here it goes. I have a few machines that I have double- and triple-booted -- various versions of Windows, OSX and linux. So I was wondering if I could use a Virtual machine and run the OS that is already installed on the harddrive while on another OS...
  11. K

    Playing World of Warcraft on a Virtual PC?

    I often have friends over who play World of Warcraft, but I only have one PC to play on. Is there any way to have World of Warcraft running off a Virtual PC, and playing World of Warcraft on the host computer alone, with 2 keyboard and 2 mice. I've heard of VMWare Workstation, and Microsoft...
  12. T

    Virtual PC 2004

    Please, where can I download VPC 2004 without SP1 (ie Build 582) ? Thank.
  13. B

    Virtual pc

    I have virtual PC on my win 7 PC, I have windows server 2008 installed via virtual PC. When my mouse pointer is inside server 08, how do I get it back on win 7. What are the correct key strokes plz? thx
  14. P

    Which Virtual PC is Easy to Use? Dont know much about them....

    Hello folks, I am trying to learn and discover the possibility's of having and using a virtual PC, I'm just not sure where to start or which one to use....I am running windows 7. Is there one that would suggested or recommended over another? I was looking at VMware Workstation? Thank you for...
  15. SCSI Folk


    This seemed to be the best category for my query. Anyway: I'd like to set up a small home network and install Windows Server 2008 as a virtual HD. I want to install it on my machine that's already running Windows 7 and I understand I can still do this without blowing away the current OS. BUT...
  16. L

    Virtual pc help

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me. I'm running Windows 7 x64 Professional. I want to apply a virtual pc enviorment on my computer. I don't want to run another OS. I just want to use it to test script. I'm new to this and a little confused. Do I need to down load a virtual server...
  17. Catsrules

    Virtual PC on a Quad Core Slow

    I have been playing around with Virtual PC for a wile now. I use it on my old Toshiba Satellite A135-S4447 it has a Intel Centrino Duo 1.7 GHz 945 Chipset with 3 GB of ram. It run Virtual PC ok. (I wouldn't be able to tell that is was a Virtual machine if it was in full screen from basic web...
  18. tomwaddle

    Virtual Server & Virtual PC

    I'm looking to start using one or both of these applications. I want to run about 2-3 machines at once. What specs should I look for? I believe a dual core and at least 2gig of Ram are the starting points. As a reference of what I personally have been looking at, I have been monitoring ebay for...
  19. B

    Mojopac: A Portable, Protected Virtual PC

    Any V2 USB storage device becomes a virtual PC, including an iPod.