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    Solved! External speakers sound low on monitor headphone jack and perfect on cellphone headphone jack. Help please?

    My external speakers are usb powered and work perfectly when plugged into the 3.5 jack on my cellphone, sound is loud and clear. When I plug them into my monitor, which does have it's own speakers, I can turn the external speakers and the internal speakers all the way up and barely hear the...
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    How do I limit/cap/lock my audio on my Windows 10 desktop

    So in short, I got a new pair of headphones. Sony MDR 1A if anyone is familiar with them. They are really comfortable and the sound is rather good as well. But they don't seem to have a control volume button on them. So the only way for me to control volume output in my headphones is through my...
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    Looking for headphones with only one jack and volume control

    Hi, Canadian living near toronto looking for a new pair of headphones. Theres only 3 criteria: 1) only one jack. I don't want to buy a converter 2) must have a mic 3) must have volume control I'd prefer not to buy earbuds. Thanks for any recommendations
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    how to play application sounds on all output device.

    without using the stereo mix method, how could i make all applications play sounds on all my output devices. I want to do it this way, so if i want an application to play on just a single output(ex. headphones) i could just mute that application on all other output(ex. speaker, stereo, HDMI) on...
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    Contact cleaner for Volume control crackle?

    I've an old Sansui 221 which crackles when I turn the volume control. and some small points where the sound can almost cut out. I've been researching how to fix it and it looks like a contact cleaner would do the job (I only need it for short term use). Should I get something like Servisol Aero...