External speakers sound low on monitor headphone jack and perfect on cellphone headphone jack. Help please?

Apr 11, 2018
My external speakers are usb powered and work perfectly when plugged into the 3.5 jack on my cellphone, sound is loud and clear. When I plug them into my monitor, which does have it's own speakers, I can turn the external speakers and the internal speakers all the way up and barely hear the sound. I am plugging the external speakers into the 3.5 jack on the monitor. When I try the green jack I can only use the internal speakers. I am very confused by this since my speakers were working perfectly yesterday on both devices, any suggestions?

I tried fiddling with the speaker settings on my computer but I'm not really sure what I'm doing there. I did update all audio drivers, however I believe that somehow the monitor is only picking up half of the external speaker power, if that makes sense? Like I can hear them but with all volume maxed out they sound muddy, the white noise from the external speakers is very loud, that's the only indicator that the volume is maxed up.

My monitor is plugged into two separate hdmi switches, one is connected as an output for CPU and laptop(laptop is powered off currently), and the other is as an input to my xbox ones with my TV being the other input. I know these are a lot of connections, but again everything has been working just fine until today. The only thing I've changed is switching out my keyboard/mouse combo and installing some updates. And again, the usb powered speakers are plugged into a usb hub, and the audio is plugged into my monitor's headphone jack. When I use the same hub to power the speakers and plug them into my cellphone, they are very loud. These are cheap speakers no doubt, but they were definitely working last night.

Speakers are working well when plugged directly into CPU via headphone jack and usb port. It is just the communication between speakers and monitor that sound bad.
Apr 11, 2018
Solved my own problem lol. Somehow the actual volume on the monitor was turned down very low, from 80 to 36 so that's why I was hearing mostly white noise from the external speakers. Check your actual monitor volume if you have internal speakers guys! Not sure how this was lowered since I manually had to go into my monitor menu with the buttons beneath the screen. Perhaps with the big dial control on the external speakers? Still confused but at least my headphone jack isn't broken on my brand new monitor


Often its a safety precaution for your ears. Like phones when headphones are detected a warning message is given or volume is automatically lowered so you dont get your ears blasted with loud volume. Your monitor was looking after you :)
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