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  1. J

    Solved! Watermark while working on a software that uses ram

    Hello. I've never come across the watermark covering a portion of the middle part of the screen until now. It only appears when I am working on Sketchup and After Effects. Any idea how to remove the watermark? Thanks! Here is a screenshot of the watermark: https://imgur.com/a/tjj3Se2
  2. T

    Recording software for low end pc/laptop.

    Hi, i am looking for an easy to use and free recording software. What am i looking to record:-Tf2(that is all) What software i have tried:-obs -bandicam(i don't like the watermark) -fraps(i don't like the...
  3. W

    Free video editing software

    I am guessing this is in the best place. Sorry if this has been asked many times before but I am looking for a good video editing software. Does Windows 10 come with this type of software? Not sure if possible but are there any free ones that don't leave a watermark? I been trying...
  4. P

    Is it possible to add a watermark to my actual video after I uploaded it to Youtube?

    First, let me just say I have no clue what category this should be in. I uploaded a video to Youtube, and after it got some watches, I realized that I didn't put any kind of watermark in it. So, I'm wondering if I can edit the video, without having to re-upload it. The Youtube editor could put...
  5. X

    Best free desktop recording program?

    I don't care if it has a watermark i just need it to not have recording time caps.
  6. M

    How do I remove this watermark tied to this dll?

    http://i.imgur.com/m7MKpNb.png the only fix i could find anywhere does not work i cannot run the game without the dll this watermark is tied to https://steamcommunity.com/app/296470/discussions/0/34093781740855384/ the dll I downloaded is from here thank you for reading
  7. theguyisback23

    Sony Vegas Logo/watermark Placement On edge Problem

    Sony Vegas Logo/watermark Placement On edge Problem Hello guys... i need to place my channel logo on the really edge of the video but in the end its not visible ,instead i can place it in lets say a 4:3 ratio to see it.. i change its scale to the desired,i get it on the top of the video but not...
  8. D

    watermarker remover from video

    could you plz help me to remove watermark from video
  9. M

    Free (no trial version) video trimming/cutting app.

    I record gameplay videos for youtube sometimes on my PC but I usually end up filming myself messing around in the options or in a menu or something like that. I want a simple free program that will let me cut those sections out. I really would have liked movavi video editor but its a 7 day...
  10. L

    Spilled water on my laptop

    Hi Guys, Water went into my screen accidentally and I guess inside keyboard also. I saw a big watermark on my screen and I immediately kept my laptop inside the rice for 48 hours and I took it out yesterday. It was working fine but still I can see watermark on my laptop. Is there any way to...
  11. viveknayyar007

    Add Watermark While Recording Videos in MS PowerPoint

    In MS PowerPoint, every time a presentation is prepared, you can easily add the watermarks to your creations using the program’s built-in feature. With the help of watermarks, you can somehow put your stamp on the prepared presentation which further means that your production will have your...
  12. asylumdance

    Watermark free video conversion

    Greetings, I recently got an Ipad 2 and updated to ios 6. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend me a free video conversion program that will output an ios-compatible video file without leaving an obnoxious watermark?
  13. Onio4yas

    Software that could protect privacy

    I noticed that many websites or blogs have watermark on their photos and i would like to get one too. However my budget is limited, better advice some freeware to me. Thanks.
  14. Q

    Desktop watermark calendar

    hi everybody, was wondering if any of you know a calendar/organizer program that can be placed watermark on your desktop? another option will be a program that lets you put watermark images in your desktop. your help will be very much appreciated. thanks in advance :??:
  15. H


    Hello, how a watermark remove from a video?
  16. phil0083

    Does anyone know of a good FREE video encoder?

    Does anyone know of a good FREE video encoder? not one of those trial version ****-things that put a watermark on the video or only do the first 5 mins or other crap like that...