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  1. CxRizzle

    Solved! Webroot causing huge PC slowdowns?

    I have a clean install of Windows 10 64bit and wanted to try a new virus security. Webroot gets a lot of praise because it's supposed to be very slim, and gets the job done, so I decided to give it a try. I installed the free trial and it brought my computer to a crawl immediately. Well, not a...
  2. F

    Nordvpn download includes (aipackagechainer.exe) Webroot quarantined it

    I download the Nordvpn software, as it was downloading, my Webroot antivirus identified aipackagechainer.exe as a threat and quarantined it. I emailed Nordvpn about this and here is what they told me: "I can assure there is nothing to worry about. Our applications installation is patched and...
  3. valeman2012

    Webroot vs Eset Smart Security 10

    Webroot vs Eset Smart Security 10 Which is better?
  4. TStahler

    Best Deal Between Webroot Secureanywhere Internet Security Complete or Kaspersky Total Security

    I can get either a 5 device license for Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2017 for $14.99 or a 3 device license for Kaspersky Total Security 2017 for $14.95. Which is the better deal and why? I do have 5 devices that ultimately need protection. Is the Kaspersky that much better...
  5. G

    Both Wi-Fi and Ethernet do not work after uninstalling Webroot.

    My friend recently uninstalled webroot on her Asus laptop and immdiatley after, all internet has stopped working. We've tried resetting the firewall, resetting the network settings, resetting the TCP/IP stack, setting a static IP, reinstalling the wireless adapter drivers, troubleshooting the...
  6. M

    How to completly uninstall Webroot?

    I've used Webroot removal tools, IObit uninstall to uninstall Webroot. There are still WRSA and other files still working on my Windows 7 Dell laptop.
  7. V

    how to i set weboot antivirus to automatically initiate scan when i insert any removable media?

    i recently purchased webroot secure anywhere antivirus. im really happy with its light weight without sacrificing protection. but i observed when i plug in any usb webroot does not scan it. the usb shield is on yet why doesn't it scan it automatically? wouldn't this be a problem if the pendrive...
  8. T

    Webroot Secure Anywhere?

    I know reviewing it like regular av comes up short but anyone try the rollback test or used this av before?
  9. 5hadowking115

    Help identifying/removing particular adware on Chrome. (Banners, pop ups, Ali Express, War Thunder, Russian Websites)

    So, for the past month, there's been this virus that I'm not even sure how I got (I visit a few shady sites, so that's probably it, though I don't know specifics) it. I've compiled a few research pieces to analyze, but I don't even know where to begin. Here's a link with several files that I...
  10. J

    Webroot AntiVirus 2015?

    I'm considering purchasing Webroot AntiVirus 2015 as mentioned on toms hardware sticky for $3.99. I can't believe you can get a top 3 (tied for 1st on pcmag) paid AVS for that price. Anyways, I notice they also have a Webroot AntiVirus for PC Gamers 2015 version for $29.99. It says; -...
  11. S

    Webroot vs Norton

    I have webroot secure anywhere I got free when I purchased my computer at Bestbuy, Would it be worth it to renew webroot for another six months or just save that money and switch to Norton 360 from Comcast. I already use norton on tow of my computers.
  12. LegendaryLeader

    HELP! Cannot Remove Adware!

    Hello, so a while back my computer happened to get adware (can't remember what I downloaded) and I have had extreme difficulty removing it. At the moment, the adware I have is DynamicPricer (as far as I know). These are the steps I have taken so far to remove this adware, but none of them have...
  13. T

    Which Internet protection service should I purchase?

    I have several options such as Norton, ES ET, and this new program called Webroot. After doing some research, I get that Norton eats up a lot of Ram and slows a computer. After hitting up the nearest MicroCenter, I was told that ES ET was the best of the best, faster than Norton b/c it doesn't...
  14. M

    My toshiba was working fine then all of a sudden it froze.

    My toshiba was working fine until it crashed. Before it crashed I was surfing the web but i have webroot and its previous scan from that day said there was no viruses. When all of a sudden google chrome stopped responding and it froze eventually the computer restarted. When it turned back on it...
  15. DukiNuki

    AVAST 8 vs NORTON 360 2013 vs WEBROOT

    1. which one has best PROTECTION ,Detection , removal & blocking ability againts Trojans , Malewares , Viruses & ... ( 1000 other stuff comming from infected USB drives or Internet files ) 2.which one has stronger firewall for BLOCKING Hacker ATTACKs & Internet threats ? 3. i know AVAST is...