Which Internet protection service should I purchase?


Aug 29, 2014
I have several options such as Norton, ES ET, and this new program called Webroot.
After doing some research, I get that Norton eats up a lot of Ram and slows a computer. After hitting up the nearest MicroCenter, I was told that ES ET was the best of the best, faster than Norton b/c it doesn't hog the Ram space. Also that the security was better. Finally I looked online and found Webroot, this new internet protection that seems to be even better according to a few sights, but I don't understand why.

I read forums and it is a lot of people saying Norton is bad, and that the software they are using is the best. Do you guys have any advice for which one I should buy? (I am willing to pay for the program)

Also, I found for Webroot a deal that says 1 year for 5 computers. Does that mean I can buy this and refresh the Webroot every years 5 times or is there usually a time limit for these 1 year for X computers bundles?
I don't advise anyone to pay for AV or Firewall software, at least not until the (good) free alternatives disappear.
I recommend Comodo. Available as a firewall + AV package, or separately: http://www.comodo.com/home/free/free-protection.php?track=2740&key5sk1=066dba8711ea6123955153a3c5325368b5888979&key5sk2=2128&key5sk3=1410704345000&key6sk1=&key6sk2=CH3702062120&key6sk3=7&key6sk4=en-gb&key6sk5=GB&key6sk6=0&key6sk7=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.comodo.com%2F&key6sk8=150-1&key6sk9=1366768&key6sk10=true&key6sk11=baa787c8ec32e727c3d235462704dc4d9bea40f6&key6sk12=2037&key7sk1=2&key7sk2=23&key1sk1=dt&key1sk2=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.comodo.com%2F&key5sk0=2740

Regarding Norton software, no longer is it a resource-hog so that info you read or heard is no longer true unless your system doesn't have enough installed RAM (ie less than 3 GB) to give decent performance in the first place. In cases where RAM is barely enough for the operating system to run smoothly, you can't blame Norton for that.

However, the cost of Norton's annual subscription-renewal is nothing short of daylight robbery (renewal costs as much as buying the first subscription, which makes no sense to me if you're an existing, loyal customer). It's that aspect which is the big con, not Norton's RAM requirements. That's no higher (even less) than some of it's competitors.

For Webroot. A licence which covers you for one year for up to five computers means exactly that. You can install it on up to five computers in the same household, for a single payment lasting 12 months.

At the end of that 12-month period, you pay another single payment for a licence renewal covering up to five computers in the same household.

But like I said at the top, I never pay for internet protection. I use the free stuff and I've never had cause to regret doing so. I've tried all the free ones but I soon realised that Comodo was the one to stick with. It uses only a third of the RAM that the other free ones need, plus it has never failed to protect me.