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  1. aafusc2988

    Solved! Remove Norton completely from Windows 10 PC

    I regret getting Norton - this PC was just built two weeks ago or so. Have read horror stories trying to get this program removed. What do I do?
  2. W

    Solved! WiFi Connected But No Internet Access in some location

    my daughter has a new HP window 10. It was connect to any wifi without problem. But after we installed Norton premium and Norton parent control, it can connect to home wifi, starbuck without problem,but when she tried to connect to school wifi, it showed "connect but no internect access". I...
  3. G

    firewall needed now?

    Was using Norton 360 on win7 laptop. I can't afford to renew Norton so I uninstalled it and turned on Windows defender. Do I also need a firewall now?
  4. L

    Norton disabling links i try to share

    I hit share to share link but link is useless/disabled
  5. P

    Norton Ghost on DVD

    Hi. I have used Norton Ghost for over 10 years. Creates images of windows onto another partition. Very good. However this is old software and I wan't to buy a modern software that creates images . I have looked at Norton internet security and it states "keep your data safe on line". I don't want...
  6. M

    Solved! Do I need to install Norton Internet Security in Windows 10?

    Hi, I used Windows 7 on my Mac as a dual boot system for almost 20 years. I always used Norton Internet Security. Now, I got a Thinkpad with Windows 10 pre-installed, is it better to just rely on Windows Defender or just install Norton Internet Security? I wonder if using Norton Internet...
  7. C

    Solved! Is there a free alternative to M$ winthruster utility to clean up MSevent.exe

    Norton flagged it for unusual activity
  8. L

    Keyboard virus and random windows keep opening up

    Need help please, My toshiba laptop keyboard keeps typing the wrong keys. Haven't spilled anything on it. And it also keeps opening my crome browser to its last openned page (which is avast and norton help page) in multiple tabs over and over. I tried *Removing and reinstalling keyboards...
  9. H

    Are the Norton Antivirus programs exactly the same?

    Hello does the antivirus on Norton Standard work exactly the same as the Premium or Deluxe? Or do these versions have much stronger and tighter security than the Standard? Thank you. Lee.
  10. A

    How To solve Error: "8504,104" in Norton Antivirus?

    I have installed norton antivirus in our system but it do not installed insted off installation it shows Error: "8504,104". How to resolve this problem?
  11. activegalaxys

    Norton Antivirus Product Key - expired in a sealed, new box

    Hi there. I recently picked up a copy of Norton AntiVirus 2010 that was sealed, new. The CD was sealed in its little paper case too. However, when I went to activate it (why would I use AntiVirus 2010? I don't know) it claimed that the product key had expired and couldn't be used. Now, I have a...
  12. D

    Antivirus Software Compatibility

    I'm considering switching from Norton, which I've used for >10 years, and wondered whether any of the other premium AV suites could convert my Norton saved password files to work with the new software.
  13. W

    Security, antivirus, malware, etc., what do I really need?

    I have Norton/Symantec and have had it for years and have had no problems. I had a small problem and took it to my local "fix-it" shop and they said there was a "virus" and they were running Malwarebytes on my desk top. They suggested I install it and use from now on. My question is - what do...
  14. R

    How to completely and finally remove Norton/Symantec from my W10 PC?

    I am resurrecting my daughters PC. I updated to Windows 10 and everything is great except for eliminating Norton. Im afraid my daugter had succumbed to Symantec's ransom and purchased their product because the nag sreen wore her down. Im now trying, without success, to rid this PC of Norton. I...
  15. Z

    My program is being flagged

    Hi, so I decided that I was going to make a program that solved quadratic equations. When I was done, I clicked build (this is c# on visual studios) and transferred the executive file to my home computer. Norton then flagged it and I clicked run anyway. Out of interest I ran Norton power eraser...
  16. G

    Norton Core Router Review

    Not only is the Norton Core a high-performance router that pumps out the data, but it inspects every data packet entering your network. Norton Core Router Review : Read more
  17. B

    Secure WiFi Router

    What is your "rating" of the "all-new Norton Core (TM) Secure WiFi Router"?
  18. S

    Trojan.Zlob.Q Activity blocked by Norton, but not found during scans.

    In my Norton history their is a few intrusion attempts that were blocked for Trojan.Zlob.Q Activity. I've done a regular Norton scan, Norton power erase scan, Malwarebytes scan, Malwarebytes Antimalware scan, Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit scan plus a scan with superantispyware and all those scans...
  19. C

    Norton 2006 compatibility issue with Windows 8.1

    I'm trying to install Norton Internet Security 2006 on Windows 8.1, but it gives the error "This program has compatibility issues." and will not install. The "Get help online" option does nothing useful, of course, and other searches have so far been unfruitful. What's strange is that it was...
  20. M

    firewall blocking facebook photos

    First of all, this is my home PC, so it's not an "I'm trying to get around Facebook at work issue"' But I cannot post photos to facebook using my pc unless I turn it off. Is there a safer way to create an exception for facebook? I don't see a pop up that asks me anything about it either. I am...
  21. A

    Norton Application Error /ROLLBACK

    I bought a new pc couple weeks ago and it came with an ASROCK driver installing CD. I've installed everything including norton, and since then, after half an hour after opening my pc, sometimes after several hours, i get the Application Error /ROLLBACK pop-up. Everytime i close it it restarts my...
  22. Z

    Suspicious Outbound Traffic Detected in Norton 360

    Hi, everyone, earlier today went turned on my monitor for my computer I saw a pop-up from my Norton 360 Security suite saying "Outbound Traffic Detected, We have detected a large amount of suspicious activity on your system. Your computer may be infected with something that Norton Power Eraser...
  23. S

    What actions should I take?

    Just received a Norton popup that a threat was detected and blocked. Looking through security seems like Norton blocked this threat before. Details of the threat. Attacker URL Attacking Computer, 80
  24. L

    Help Choose Antivirus

    Which of these 6 antiviruses is better for use ?, Kaspersky Norton Avast Eset Bitdefender Quickheal my os: win10 pro
  25. S

    What's a good free alternative to Norton from Xifinity?

    Just picked up a used laptop(i5 540m, 6gb ram and Windows 10) and looking for a good free antivirus to use on it. I currently have Norton from Xfinity installed which does a great job at protecting but is sorta slowing down my laptop. Laptop was a little faster before installing Norton.
  26. H

    Norton security suite for androids

    I have Norton security suite on my computer. I am a Comcast customer. Is there a download for mobile phones?
  27. A

    how good is comcast's norton security suite pros & cons

    What are the Pros & Cons of Comcast Norton Security Suite. I would appreciate an answer? Thanks, Allan
  28. K

    recommend free antivirus programs

    i can't afford norton this year so i need a free replacement, any ideas?
  29. F

    Norton Security Scan /Rollback Application Error

    I've been facing a problem recently, involving Norton Security Suite. I recently uninstalled Norton Security Suite, which was provided by my ISP Xfinity. A few days later, i found an icon called Norton Security Suite on my desktop, and a few seconds after that, I received a pop-up. This pop-up...
  30. Z

    Wise to Dump Norton

    Norton did not pickup virus's that caused some major problems recently
  31. E

    ws. reputation. 1 WinTV

    Does anyone have any idea why Norton is being a *bleep* making it difficult to use WinTV? It was working fine until 12 hours ago or so. I didn't do anything different. I even restarted my computer and still problems!! I can't schedule anything in scheduler.. I think it has quarantined...
  32. J

    What is a good Anti virus/Anti Malware

    I've been using Norton antivirus for the past 5 years, although have recently noticed that its using upwards of 70% of my CPU at times (about 1-2 hours every day). I've also recently reinstalled windows which removed Norton and I think now is a good time to rethink using it. Right now I'm using...
  33. zenrunner92

    Norton & McAfee TODAY = any better than 10 years ago?

    I've been reading claims that current versions of McAfee and Norton anti-malware software are now much lighter on system resources than in the past, when they were notorious for pretty much crippling many people's computers. True or false? Or have I just been reading shill reviews? I've been...
  34. B

    What is "SMG.Heur!gen" ?

    Norton keeps bringing this up since about 2 days ago. Says it's low risk. I search google but only found 1 topic on Steam forums and no one really answered it either.
  35. M

    norton antivirus not installing

    i tried to install norton antivirus but its giving me a message that there was some sort of error but won't tell me why. when i try to send the error report to norton tells me that another error occurred and the error report wasn't sent
  36. Moondoggy

    BitDefender vs. Norton

    I would like to get some opinions regarding Bitdefender Internet Security vs. Norton Internet Security. I've been around computers a long time and I know that every time you turn around there's a new "king of the hill" when it comes to Security Software so I realize that things can change...
  37. M

    Is Norton Power Eraser a good anti virus

    It claims to get rid of viruses that are undetectable by most anti virus softwares. But strangly the regular Norton has a price, and why would they give out the power eraser for free? Is there something better at no cost?
  38. H

    Windows firewall problem

    I uninstalled Norton and am now using Avast but with windows Firewall it sais that it is turned off. I can't turn it back on because it sais it is application controlled by Norton, by as I just said I uninstalled Norton. So what can I do about this ? I am using windows 10. Thanks.
  39. Marshall Honorof

    Why You Don't Need Norton's Wi-Fi Privacy App

    Norton Wi-Fi Privacy works exactly as advertised, but it doesn’t do anything you couldn’t do almost as easily for free. Why You Don't Need Norton's Wi-Fi Privacy App : Read more
  40. I

    Viruses and fighting them

    Hello my anti virus Norton just ran out it was a free trial because I just built my PC. But I was wondering should I buy a Norton subscription? Is it necessary to if I'm smart with what I download and the sites I go on. Thanks
  41. Z

    Norton vs others

    Hey there. I been a long time user of Norton Antivirus. Somehow I feel I am about to open a can of worms as people would manipulate this question, but here it goes. Norton has been good to me-- but sometimes i feel their service can slowly grow lack-luster in effort to fix problems and...
  42. C

    Very persistent Virus won't go even after Scan!

    In normal mode Virus was not letting Norton Security scan so used RKill and Malware Bytes and Esett whose sections turn black I mean the way you see in confidential Files. So I switched to Safe Mode this time around Norton Security scanned and removed some 6 infections so I felt better and...
  43. F

    Using Twitch Alerts in OBS but Norton Blocks It

    So we tried using a twitch alert to make a follower alert, but on the initial test Norton popped up with a medium risk and removed it immediately. Looking at the history, it Quarantined this: Category: Resolved Security Risks Date & Time,Risk,Activity,Status,Recommended Action,Path - Filename...
  44. D

    norton seceruty is blocking me from disabling sli

    Just today I was trying disable sli on my computer' but when I did try to disable it. It basically said Norton security is blocking from disabling sli. If I try to press end task on Norton security it say's it might cause system instability. What do you recommend me doing?
  45. LucaFire

    Best Free Antivirus

    I'm currently wondering what Free Antivirus would be best for myself. I'm looking for a replacement for my current Norton subscription, which I got because it came as a package with my motherboard. Other than Norton, I have the standard MalwareBytes (no subscription) and SpyBot S&D (I know, old...
  46. Ethan348

    Best Anti Virus Software

    Norton 360 is my current Anti Virus Software.. It has given me satisfactory result but.. It will expire soon.. So, should I stick to Norton or should I go for something better? Please suggest me some better Anti Virus Software
  47. S

    Unable to activate comcast edition of Norton

    I haven't booted windows on my laptop in almost three months since it's not used. After windows booted, was having problems with Norton and activation stuck connecting to server. So I removed Norton with the Norton removal tool reboot and reinstalled Norton and now I'm getting the message...
  48. saucell

    Stubborn Virus Contained By Norton But Not Killed, Is My RUNDLL32.exe Corrupt? HELP!

    hey guys, it looks like i have a stubborn virus on my computer that is contained by norton but not getting fixed. i installed a program i thought had a false positive, everything was fine for a week or so and then today norton started protecting me from something on my computer. i cant find...
  49. M

    Can't access firewall by Norton Security

    (It's dutch) I can't turn on or off (change) a firewall setting It says this is set by Norton Security Does anybody know how to get access? Or do I have to remove Norton... Thanks
  50. _Bata_

    I need help with Norton Antivirus

    So my subscription to Norton ended yesterday. I haven't renewed it yet but i recieved an email that says i bought it 10 hours ago, when i was sleeping. I entered Norton in my PC and the subscription still says that it has ended and i need to renew it, which is be correct because i haven't...
  51. H

    I think I have a virus

    My friend had told me about uTorrent and that he uses it to download things so I download uTorrent and started downloading a 50ish GB file (supposedly GTA V). I have since deleted uTorrent but whenever I try open Norton now everything just says 'fixing'...
  52. A

    DNS Unlocker Virus

    HelloI have a virus. It is called DNS Unlocker and it's tough. I have tried with microsofts own virus protection program and the Norton Power eraser. Nothing worked. I have gone into safe mode and looked into all the computers files. But nothing. It is gone in uninstall program thing but IT IS...
  53. _Bata_

    Norton Antivirus problem - Subscription Ended

    Okay so this isn't really a great problem, but it annoys me. Like 5 days ago i got the notification of Norton that my subscription was about to end, that i had 15 days or something to buy it again. Yesterday i turned on my pc and it said norton subscription has ended. I can pay for another...
  54. nicoper

    Norton Security Error 8504, 104

    Hello everyone! I have a persistent problem with Norton Security; Every time I start my PC (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit) the Norton Security icon isn't in my system tray (yes, the icon is enabled), however, the background processes are running as they should according to the task manager. I've had...
  55. S

    Norton Internet Security

    Hi all, My Norton Internet Security subscription expired two weeks ago. But it operates like nothing happened. It regularly updates, scans.. What should I do?
  56. F

    Full Norton, full mcafee, or free version of AVG

    Hello, I just bought an ssd and a new hdd, so I'm going to do a clean install. For the past year I've used the free version of avg as my sole antivirus. Interestingly, I was sent 1 year of mcafee for free with my ssd, and I learned that I get unlimited Norton with Comcast. I've read countless...
  57. S

    how to keep my norton after windows clean installation

    i want to clean install windows 10 and me and my 2 friends have used 2 norton keys and one friend will use the third later. after i install windows 10 and download norton internet security ( we have a nis 2013 package that we used this year ). how to keep my subscription without using the...
  58. J

    Norton Expired, Should I Renew?

    Hello! This one's quick and to the point: our Norton subscription has expired. Should we renew (we use it on two, and will be using it on a third soon) or use a free antivirus, or even a combination? Thank you in advance.
  59. S

    norton internet security

    i have 3 norton internet security keys i havent used them yet but i intend to , and it seem that there no internet security on norton official site so how do i use them because i was able to use one of them on my other pc that has int sec 2013 but i dont have the installation files so how to use...
  60. 7

    I7 5820k, Norton says its slow.

    Is Norton Bugged ? It keeps telling me its slow ? Where are the anti virus reports on best ratings ? Is the upgrade to the next i7 really worth it ?