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  1. L

    Clashing between Norton and Avast!

    I recently got a new notebook and I put avast! on it. It had norton internet security already on it. I now get a message saying that I should uninstall one to provide stability. Both are free versions, could someone advice me which one to get rid off or if to get rid of both and get something...
  2. M

    2013 Antivirus Questions!

    Hello everyone, I recently just built my very first computer that is mostly for gaming. Right now, I am doing all the installations and I need help figuring out what antivirus I should buy. On my older computer I was using McAfee and I started to hate it, McAfee is way to "in your face" and it...
  3. G

    Norton 360 and PC Performance

    I've used Norton for years but this year's Norton 360 edition is using ALL of my computer's resources. The CPU would constantly run at 100% and the computer would be unusable. I uninstalled Norton using the Removal Tool and I cleaned the registry. Now my computer is running normally at 3% CPU...
  4. S

    Internet security

    How does Norton 360 compare to Bitdefender Internet Security. Some sites Norton is ahead and some has Bitdefender ahead,2817,2369749,00.asp...
  5. rookiegirl

    Microsoft Security Essentials won't open

    Hey! Quick problem; I feel like I'm missing something... My husband's Norton scrip is up, so we decided to go with Microsoft Security Essentials since that's what I have and love. We uninstalled Norton using programs/uninstall AND the Norton uninstall tool from their site. I've looked to make...
  6. Junkmalee

    Norton AV causes iTunes to hang

    I have a clean install of Windows 7 64bit HOME with all current updates and service packs. If I install iTunes (either current or old versions) after a clean install of windows, iTunes loads instantly...After I install Norton AV and try to open up iTunes, it hangs. iTunes will take about a good...
  7. H

    Doesn't recognize disc in E drive

    I do regular backups with Norton of my files onto a DVD+R disc. I have never had a problem until today when it said that the new disc wasn't seated in the drive, so it was not recognized,etc. but it was. So the backup couldn't be done.
  8. nirrtix

    Is kaspersky a good anti virus?

    I am about to try another antivirus, and I heard Kaspersky is good. I have used Norton and McAfee and both suck. Basically I want something that is as effective as possible, with minimal bogging down of the system like norton.
  9. D

    Uninstalling Norton Removed my Internet Connection

    Helpppp So I unistalled the preinstalled Norton of my HP G62 laptop. Since it was uninstalled i lost my wireless connection. Thats not the only issue. The reason i was unistalling Norton was because eversince my Screen was replaced my usb ports no longer recoginised my old devices.(It does...
  10. V

    Best Software to use?

    I have just run out of time on my Norton 360 and was wondering whats best. Whats the best Free software/s to use? I have Free Avast at the moment. Also have Malwarebytes Free i have a spare Mcafee aswell but it won't install on my pc because mcafee suck balls. :D Should i renew my Norton at...
  11. D

    Free equivalent to Norton Ghost

    I need to setup a recovery disc for a family member's PC (to save myself future hassle). I haven't used a 'Ghost' type program in over a decade, so I'm wondering if there are any good free ones available (Looking to use it on windows 7, would like to take the full drive image). Thanks in...
  12. M

    Norton power eraser time to run?

    I recently had to replace a damaged/failed hard disk. Once everything was re-installed I was using Norton 360 Backup to a separate, 100% larger drive. At about 92% backed up I got an error that sent me to Norton's Power Eraser utility. It's now been running in Normal mode for about 11 hours...
  13. R

    What AV Software to buy ?

    Which is better and why , Norton Antivirus 2012 or Kaspersky 2012 ? Please say Pros and Cons . :)
  14. jimmy_dog

    Norton 360

    Sometimes I will open a program and norton will move it into the quarantine. I look it up online and people just say it is a false-positive. Then I take it out of the quarantine. Can I stop norton from doing this? I know its doing it for a reason but sometimes it will take a program I used...
  15. G

    Does Norton Ghost preserve...

    Hi all, I have plans buying a SSD but wondered how Norton Ghost will perform in my case. On my Dell XPS m1330 I have Windows 7, Mac OSX and Ubuntu installed and I'm really worried especially about the Mac as it wasn't that easy to install that.. I was wondering if any of you has experience...
  16. B

    Best security for me?

    Which security do you guys suggest these days? I have used Norton in the past, and almost feel like Norton is a virus in itself. It wouldn't let me install games or download Windows updates or anything. I don't go to questionable websites or anything of that nature, but do online gaming.
  17. T

    Is avg or norton better?

    So, suppose that both Norton 2012 and AVG 2012 with the pc tune up are free. Which one would be better overall and why? Also is avg just internet security or is it anti -virus too? And what is Norton include? AVG...
  18. W


    Hello, I just bought a new HP dv6 notebook, It came with windows 7. I was offered Norton free for 60 days,. If windows Defender is a part of windows7, is it necessary to install Norton?--- And, Is windows Defender one of the more dependable anti virus programs available as it stands alone on my...
  19. W


    Hello, I just bought a new HP dv6 notebook, It came with windows 7. I was offered Norton free for 60 days,. If windows Defender is a part of windows7, is it necessary to install Norton?--- And, Is windows Defender one of the more dependable anti virus programs available as it stands alone on my...
  20. G

    Matshita dvd-ram uj-850t

    Hi, I need help! My Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5893 is experiencing a meltdown. I removed Norton 360 v5.0 and it apparently took my Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-850T driver with it. Without it, I obviously can't put any new Norton (or any other dvd/cd stuff) onto my laptop. I need an updated driver,but...
  21. E

    Can i buy norton 2011 to extend my subscription?

    . Its on cheap at amazon, one review says it works to upgrade to 2012. Is that true? I have 2012 upgrade but only have 30 days left, can i buy this old productand get another 365 days added to my subscription when i enter the product key?the reviewer also said he stockd up for a few years I was...
  22. E

    Can i just buy oem

    its just the same as retail without the fancy box right? Only the norton sight and ebuyer have this babble about system builder agreement. I built my pc last year abd got the retail version coz it was cheaper but this time its way cheaper for oem so can i get it?
  23. exfileme

    Hackers Released Norton AV Source Code, Says Symantec

    There's another dump of old Symantec source code residing in Torrent Land, this time in the name of the LulzSec members arrested earlier this week. Hackers Released Norton AV Source Code, Says Symantec : Read more
  24. C

    I need free help for my acer laptop

    hi my name is pc acer.i put a norton anti virus through,tryed put back to aridganal setting.but stays on windows error page
  25. R

    Question about Norton Anti-Virus?

    Okay so I went out on president's day and saw what I though was a great deal on a Hp computer. Now after opening it up, I have realized that buying a brand name computer whole is dumb and way overpriced. So, I'm returning it. My problem is that I have installed Norton Anti-Virus on this...
  26. O

    Norton Code Hacked

    With the Norton Internet Security 2006 code being published by hackers, how will it affect the newer editions of Norton Internet Security? Will it make it easer for hackers or virus makers to bypass the newer Norton products? Will it make them less effective?
  27. R

    Can't access google yet Norton 360 detecting no virus

    I couldn't find the right section to post this in, but I'll try this one. Basically I can't use "" anymore on my laptop. I don't know what's happened to it, but it's just started last night. I can still browse pretty much any other site okay, just not Nor can I use the...
  28. S

    Anti symantec forum

    Hello, Anybody know how to get rid of Norton and stop it coming back. i am sick to death of Symantec invading my computer
  29. tony245

    Should I get Norton 360 5.0 ?

    Hi , My free trial of Norton is about to expire and I need a virus software , Norton 360 5.0 is available on amazon as a download for only 34$ when its originally 70$ , Because its this cheap , should I get it.. Ive reviews on amazon most people gave it a 5 star while some gave it 1 , I don't...
  30. D

    What's the difference between norton 360 for netbooks and norton 360?

    I have a 3-computer subscription plan for Norton 360 and have just purchased a Toshiba netbook. The netbook came with Norton for netbooks installed. I have one 'install' left on the Norton 360 and was considering installing it on the netbook. Will this be a problem? The processor on the netbook...
  31. R


    I have used Roboform in the past and it was average. Can anyone recommend a free password manager that I can back up and use seamlessly with Firefox? Identity safe that comes with Norton is clunky. Also Norton/MS crit update has corrupted my system? Or I have a virus? I am getting the Error...
  32. exfileme

    Symantec Source Code Released Today, Says Hacker

    Anonymous promises to release the source code of Norton Utilities later today in celebration of the related class-action lawsuit filed against Symantec earlier this week. Symantec Source Code Released Today, Says Hacker : Read more
  33. S

    DNSChanger malware

    Hello, Why does my home network continue to get infected even though the hard drive has been cleaned of malware? I have Norton 360 v. 5 on my network.
  34. nikorr

    Symantec Norton Antivirus 2012 1 $9.99 Great deal!

    Symantec Norton Antivirus 2012 1 $9.99
  35. captjoe

    Ant-Virus but not Norton

    looking for anti-virus for a new build. Don't like Norton's what do you suggest.
  36. Dark Lord of Tech

    Great Deal on Norton Antivirus! $9.99!!!Free Shipping $9.99 Free Shipping ^
  37. A

    Norton 2012 Internet Security

    Hi Guys, Im planning on buying a 3 user aniti virus for my pc's (I have 3) one for browsing and general one for work and one for gaming im planning on buying Norton 2012 as everywhere I go it seems to come out the best in reviews I know some time ago there was a lot of speculation saying that...
  38. P

    Norton uninstaller fails to uninstall norton pc checkup

    I ran the uninstaller and it removed norton online security, but not norton pc checkup. This is an issue because norton got corrupted and I have symantec framework process running... Anyway, I need to remove everything of norton. How can I do this?
  39. P

    Norton gone wierd after system restore [still need answer]

    I just uninstalled norton from my computer. After starting to restart from the norton uninstaller, an error message that said something about norton popped up and the computer shut down before I was able to read it. After I booted up again, I restored the system to an earlier uninstalling of...
  40. S

    Need a good Anti Virus program

    My Norton 30 day free subscription just ran out and i need a new Virus protection program. So what comes recommended (and free)?
  41. exfileme

    Norton Anti-Theft Takes Mugshot of Device-Stealing Thief

    Norton Anti-Theft will track down your lost or stolen notebook, tablet or smartphone. It will even take a picture of the surrounding area, or the face of alleged thief. Norton Anti-Theft Takes Mugshot of Device-Stealing Thief : Read more
  42. exfileme

    Symantec's Norton One Will Protect All Your Devices

    Symantec has announced the upcoming release of Norton One, a security suite that covers all your devices spanning the PC to the smartphone. Symantec's Norton One Will Protect All Your Devices : Read more
  43. exfileme

    Norton Facebook Scanner Now Supports Likejacking

    Symantec's Norton app for Facebook now protects users against "likejacking" attacks. Norton Facebook Scanner Now Supports Likejacking : Read more
  44. L

    Laptop help forum

    Hello, After downloading an upgrade from Norton, my HP laptop will not recognize my wireless card. Any help?
  45. athalsten

    Norton 360 can use 2 os?

    recently i bought a norton 360. i have 2 que 1. if resetup my os and reinstall the 360 then it will blaklisted? 2.i use 2 os XP and win 7, can i setup bouth this anivirus in the bouth os or one?
  46. V

    Hi i was told by the sale,s person when thinking of getting a Net Book that i ca

    Hi i,ve been told that i can,t use the free AVG on a net book,have i just been given the hard sell by a sale,s person trying to sell me Norton.Thanks Vivienne
  47. exfileme

    Symantec Offering Free Norton Security for Android

    Symantec has released a "lite" version of its new Norton Mobile Security suite for the Android platform. Symantec Offering Free Norton Security for Android : Read more
  48. S

    How do i get my norton back afer redoing my computer i paid a subscription for i

    how do i get my norton back after redoing my computer i have paid for the norton subscription
  49. K

    How to turn on norton access point

    Hello, I cant get it to pull up my question
  50. D

    Norton power eraser

    Hi, I have questions regarding the results I got after I ran Norton Power Eraser. It came up with 2 bad files: omci.sys (driver) gamemon.des (service) Norton could not fix either of these problems. So my questions would be, what are these files, and do I need to do something with them?
  51. C

    Norton 360 & spy doctor compatability

    Hello, :hello: Is there a way to have norton 360 and spy doctor anti spyware on my computer without them conflicting?
  52. pjmoses

    50 Search Engine

    For some reasone when I open my home pages, 50 Search Engine pops up also. I can find no way to remove it a it is not in programs and my antivirus, Norton, cant find it. Has anyone run into this and removed it?
  53. L

    Norton Ghost 9

    Hello, After loading Ghost 9 onto my computer (with XP Pro)I get this error "The dependency service or group failed to start." Anybody have any idea what this even means. Unfortunately, Norton no longer supports Ver 9 - but I understant there is a way of getting into the back door - what do any...
  54. K

    AVG Vs Norton 360 or other anti-virus programs

    Hi everyone, I need to get a really good anti-virus program because it's the most important thing for a computer. I am probably going to use Norton 360 that I have in my house but I don't know how stable/good it is. Also, I've heard that AVG is wonderful but I don't really want to buy it, I...
  55. J

    Norton 360 or BitDefender?

    I currently have Norton 360 as my antivirus and it is about to expire. I was looking into what a good antivirus is other than Norton and I saw that a lot of people said that BitDefender was very good. So, should I stay with Norton or switch over to Bitdefender? Which is better in your opinion...
  56. H

    Do I need a second norton virus protection on my notebook

    I have Norton Virus Protection on my computer. Do I need another N.V.P. on my notebook?
  57. p4nz3rm4d

    Virus: guefae.exe

    [:grahamlv:3] Whenever my Norton Internet Security does an idle scan, it finds "geufae.exe", the virus. It is quarintined and deleted, only to come up at the next scan... Ive read up about this, and was wondering wether it could be related to my sudden lack of bandwidth, since im not on uncapped...
  58. R

    Norton Ghost 2003

    Hello, Norton ghost 2003 emergency boot disk(s) will not allow more than C partition to be visible. It appears that the CD for Symantec may be corrupted as booting from a floppy or booting from an imaged CD doesn't keep the CD/DVD visible after pc dos is started. Have uninstalled Norton System...
  59. D

    Norton Internet Security '09 and SSD

    I figured I would put NIS '09 on my SSD...boy was that a mistake. Once I rebooted after install a majority of Windows 7 just would not work at all including the norton uninstaller, win media player, ie, etc(processes still ran according to task manager though?). Only way to fix it is to go...