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  1. arshad111

    Norton Query

    Which product from norton has the best feature overall.....Norton Antivirus, Norton internet security or Norton 360???
  2. F

    Disk defragmenter/ norton disk optimization.

    They both be seeming to have problems as they both leave 16%. If any of you want I will post a video showing what happens at the end for both of them.
  3. T

    Norton Internet Security vs. Comcast's Norton Security Suite

    Comcast is offering a free download of something called "Norton Security Suite." Some of my PCs are running the retail version Norton Internet Security 2010, which is acceptable to me. Does anyone know what "Norton Security Suite" is exactly, and how it differs (if at all) from Norton...
  4. Bruceification73

    Firewall Suggestions

    Hello, I have Windows XP Home edition with Norton Anti-virus and windows firewall, and I am having some problems. First of all, the Windows Firewall periodically turns off, about every fifteen minutes, but I have scanned with three different anti-virus softwares (Norton, Kaspersky, and an...
  5. C


    Here's the story: I use Norton Internet Security, and a few days ago it notified me it had blocked an intrusion from IP, 53 and that "The attack was resulted from System" I'm not too hot on my knowledge of IP's etc, so I gave it a quick google. It comes up with a bunch of stuff which...
  6. krazynutz

    Norton 360 - exclude PC's from file scanning?

    Hey Everyone, Is there a way to tweak Norton 360 to NOT scan files that are copied from other home network computers? For example; make my other PC's trusted sources so that when I copy files to and from them they're not scanned? I hope this will speed file transfers up a bit. Thanks.
  7. JMcEntegart

    Norton Reveals the Riskiest Cities for Cybercrime

    Norton Security has revealed the top 10 most dangerous cities for cybercrime. Norton Reveals the Riskiest Cities for Cybercrime : Read more
  8. F

    For the best antivirus software

    For all around protection, I have Norton but want to know is there any better software?
  9. J

    Format media once used as norton 360 backup

    Used norton 360. Designated dvdrw drive as destination for backup. Can't format that dvdrw disc after that one use. Properties says no files on disk AND no space available on disc.
  10. N

    Norton antivirus

    it showed pc at risk and with issues leaving unprotected against threats, unable to fix, please give me an advice.
  11. R

    How to use norton ghost for windows 2003 sever

    Hi all, I have to take backup or image using norton ghost along with installed SAP 4.7 ERP. Please telll me solution to solve. regards ram
  12. J

    Norton worm protection

    Don't know what happened but nothiong came through for me I had asked what can be done to remeve inactive norton internet worm protection this is showing up as a problem on my p.c.
  13. A

    Norton 360 v. 3.0 versus Nort. Internet Security 2010

    Hello, I am planning on getting vista 64 bit home premium for a new build I am doing and then upgrading to the windows when available. Having a tough time determining if I really need the extra features of 360, or if I should just get the 2010 product? All advice much appreciated.
  14. C

    Uninstalling Norton on a new laptop

    I've used AVG's anti-virus software for years and prefer to keep doing so on a new laptop I just purchased. This HP laptop has Norton Internet Security pre-installed with 60 day free updates. However, I would like to completely remove the Norton program right off the bat. Will the...
  15. M

    Norton AntiVirus 2009 Gaming Edition?

    I've had my fair share of experiences with Norton AVs and I'm sure you guys have had as well. However seeing recent "benchmarks" of Norton AV 2009 GE on its performance with games in comparison with other AVs kind of intrigued me. However I'm still skeptical about Norton AVs. Of course I've...
  16. mikekazik1

    avast vs kaspersky

    Just recently, my Norton anti virus subscription expired. I was really not satisfied with norton since it was not detecting all of the threats on my computer. One time, my computer was infected with a nasty Trojan that downloaded a ton of spyware to my computer and made it run so slooooooow...
  17. S

    Buried under avalanche of ads

    I was DEVASTATED to learn that Norton 2008 had completely discontinued their extremely effective ad blocking utility. THat was the one feature that made me feel ok about all of Norton's shortcomings. Now I face a migraine inducing cacophony for the eyes everytime I open my browser window. ANd...
  18. Kursun

    Acronis TrueImage backup software question

    Hello, I have always used Norton Ghost in DOS for backups. Lately I have been trying the trial version of Acronis TrueImage 11. My initial impression is positive. But I have one question: For experimental purposes I backed up a 120 gb HD. I then restored it on a 160 gb HD. When I checked the...
  19. L

    creating a bootable image of HDD using norton ghost

    Using Norton ghost 12 can i create a BOOTABLE total Backup Image of my existing HDD ?? is this possible using norton ghost 12 . If so how? can anyone give me an idea how to do it ?? thanks in advance .
  20. mikekazik1

    why do these programs have so many limitations

    As of now, I have 53 days left in my Norton antivirus subscription. Right now, I am using Norton AV 2008 and I just wanted to ask you guys if there is anything better than that. The reason why I ask is that about 2 months ago, my computer was infected with a really noxious form of spyware (the...