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  1. D

    Question Desktop in task manager??????

    Ive had my PC for like 5 years now and under startup it has never shows DESKTOP.I disabled it but it is under C:\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup soIdk i would normally brush by it and not think twice but its never been there before.I just worry that its a virus...
  2. sashabelle

    Solved! VPN price increase?

    Hello! I would like to ask why VPNs are doing the $99~ billing. I used to own CyberGhost and I was gonna re-buy it again and I realized that they now charge $99 now. So I looked at other VPNs cause I thought they'ed be to only one doing that, but I was surprised to find out that all VPNs are...
  3. L

    Earphones produce an weird sound.

    Earphones produce an weird sound everytime i plug into my pc/phone.Its high pitch and it happens when some sound starts (like in a game,video,etc...)
  4. A

    My computer's battery event

    My laptop was charging and my name was called (In class) I tripped on the charging cord and my computer unplugged and fell off. The battery fell of but for some weird reason it was still working, mouse could move, I could switch tabs, normal. It wasn't charging and the battery had fallen off...
  5. J

    WEIRD ALIENWARE M17X PROBLEM! [Update from previous thread]

    Hey everybody. A while ago I made this thread: I had some answers, but none of them worked, so since then my laptop has been sitting gathering dust (I literally haven't even touched the laptop since that thread...
  6. G

    Strange 20 Letter/number folder in D:\

    Hello, some days ago i discovered a strange folder in partcion D named ˇ21401ddfd05c58f5449fˇ I do not remember when it appeared but when i want to enter it, it says that "I dont currently have access to the folder" and requires admin permission, can anyone tell the hell is this?. I scanned my...
  7. R

    Weird Display Problem

    I have a Samsung NP300E5C that is three years old. The screen will stay black when I power on the computer. All I can hear is the fan. The hard-drive light does not turn, maybe it flickers once. I've checked all connections and they're all in place. I reset the CMOS and BIOS by removing the...
  8. G

    Burn, Baby Burn: Candle-Powered Speaker Runs On Fire

    Start a disco inferno in your living room with the world's first Bluetooth speaker that's powered by candles. Burn, Baby Burn: Candle-Powered Speaker Runs On Fire : Read more
  9. AtrixRewind

    Weird Mobile SATA?

    Okay. So I have some broken laptops that I decided to take apart. I took out the DVD drive (which I was gonna use as an external DVD drive), and there were the SATA connections. There was a standard SATA data cable slot, but then there was this smaller, SATA looking connector.