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    Discussion Galaxy S23 (Ultra) Wireless Issues

    The Galaxy 23 (Ultra) has some significant wi-fi and Bluetooth issues. It is possible that it is just mine, but I think these are generic to the phone. I suspect that they are firmware related, but that is only a guess. 1. The S23 seems to frequently loose the wi-fi connection very...
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    Solved! How does Digital Zoom effect Bandwifth use over Wi-Fi?

    I am streaming with eCamm to Facebook and Youtube. My setup involves a fixed dedicated Canon video camera that pans and zooms. Two auxiliary cameras (quality cellphones) are in fixed views and placed several feet away and send their signal to the streaming software via wi-fi. Currently, all...
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    Solved! Connect to WiFi controlled device

    I have a device I connect to via WiFi from my laptop. I then use a software on my laptop to change settings on the device. An internet connection is not required. I only want to setup a WiFi connection from my laptop to the device. I’m using Windows 10. When I select the device in my detected...