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  1. M

    Use SD Card in HTC Wildfire S for internal storage

    HTC Wildfire S SD Card to be used for storage...how to do that
  2. G

    How do I unlock an HTC Wildfire S on Bell?

    How do I unlock an HTC Wildfire S on Bell?
  3. S

    Text being changed

    I sent a text to my wife when she got it half the words were completely different to what I typed is this possible I got htc wildfire s She has a Samsung galaxy y
  4. R

    HTC make Wildfire S A510e thru it's IMEI NO

    How Can I get my Stolen HTC Wildfire S mobile by using it's IMEI No.
  5. S

    My HTC Wildfire won\'t connect to wifi

    my htc g2 wont connect to my home wifi
  6. D

    What pre payed data phone would be best?

    http://www.virginmobile.ca/en/phones/phones-summary.html?itcid=NAV:4&dType=deviceType_prepaid So fair I am looking at ether Samsung Galaxy 551 or the HTC Wildfire S. With a quick Google search people say the HTC Wildfire S is the better phone. I have to buy there phones since it uses CDMA. What...
  7. S

    Overclocking HTC Wildfire

    I'm a complete n00b with rooting etc, so I've probably just missed a step here but none of the overclocking apps are offering clock frequencies higher than the stock 528MHz. I'm using No-Frills CPU Control and tried a couple of others too (I think one was CPU Tuner) but all offer 528MHz, 480MHz...
  8. N

    Rooted HTC Wildfire-S

    Hello I got a Rooted HTC Wildfire-S on Android 2.3.5 and I wanna know if there is a way to bypass bandwidth limitations (100mo) on mobile internet maybe by spoofing the MAC address of the 3G interface?
  9. F

    HTC Wildfire S not good??

    Personally, i think Wildfire S is an awesome phone but some say that it encounters a lot of hardware problems and that other phones are better so i wanted to know 1. IS IT TRUE THAT IT ENCOUNTERS A LOT OF HARDWARE PROBLEMS OVER A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME?? 2. Can someone suggest a phone similar to...
  10. G

    HTC Wildfire vs Nokia E5 vs SE X10 mini Pro

    Hello, Quite a long title I know :p. Anyway i'm pretty stuck for choosing between these three phones. I'm really leaning towards the HTC Wildfire, but have read how the screen is crappy. I'm not fond of the mini pro's size and Sony Ericsson's glitchy phones (judging from experience). The Nokia...
  11. HighPies

    Rooting and updating HTC wildfire to Froyo

    hello, i will be getting my brother's HTC wildfire in the following month and i would like to update it to Froyo cause the carrier (called Vodacom here in SA) hasnt released the update and wont be doing so. So can anyone do a quick step-by-step instructions for me to follow to Root the HTC and...
  12. A

    Htc wildfire or Nokia E5 ?

    I know that they are very different smartphone but however : which would you buy and why?
  13. RealityClash

    WiFi 'cuts out' when not being used?

    Hey all, Ever since I bought my HTC Wildfire several months ago Ive had a problem with the wifi so that when the wifi is left on withought being used for more than 5 or 10 mins it will 'cut out'. I can still see the wifi icon in the top bar and it shows that I have signal but when I say, try to...
  14. RealityClash

    Questions about rooting and installing custom roms

    Hey all, Just as the title says, I have a few questions about rooting and installing custom roms onto an HTC Wildfire. 1. Could someone please give me step by step instructions on how to do these as I am completely new to android? 2. Would doing this affect my warranty in any way? 3. Could you...
  15. RealityClash

    Why isnt htc wildfire getting adobe flash 10.1 with 2.2 froyo???

    Hey all, anybody got any idea why the htc wildfire isnt getting flash 10.1 when the 2.2 update comes out? I know that alot of people have been saying because its not powerful enough and the flash 10.1 is for armv7 cpus, not the armv6 cpus which the wildfire has (or at least thats what I've read)...