Questions about rooting and installing custom roms


May 1, 2010
Hey all,
Just as the title says, I have a few questions about rooting and installing custom roms onto an HTC Wildfire.

1. Could someone please give me step by step instructions on how to do these as I am completely new to android?
2. Would doing this affect my warranty in any way?
3. Could you suggest a custom rom with 2.2 and htc sense? (for a Wildfire obviously)
4. Could you list any extra information I should know about rooting/ installing customs roms etc?
5. What are the risks in overclocking the device and would the performance difference be that noticable?

The reasons I am wanting to root my device:
- I am wanting Froyo for the performace increases as the wildfire can get quite slow at times, flash support, and I want to be able to install apps to SD.
- I may look at overclocking my device
- I am wanting better performace in games as the wildfire becomes very sluggish in alot of games and alot dont even work at all.

If you can answer any of the above questions it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks :)
Yes, rooting the phone will void your warranty. However, you can restore it back to factory condition if you need to send it in for repair. In regard to overclocking, it's probably not worth it, as the additional heat could cut down on the phone's life, not mention it's battery life.

Have a look here in regard to rooting: