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  1. SpectreVile

    Windows is acting strange after PC part change - even after reinstalling Windows.

    I' ve recently changed my motherboard and CPU and after that Windows started crashing and was unstable. I decided to reinstall Windows completely and even after that it was acting strange. Now it doesn't crash as often but I can't install neither Geforce Experience nor drivers, refresh rate is...
  2. alex_caieiro

    Question Bluetooth Lenovo

    Dear, For some unknown reason (Windows update, driver update) my Win 10 is not able to detect my Bluetooth device (Onboard), I have no ideas about how to fi it, any help ? And also I don't know why my Win10 is not able to reset (maybe caused for the last win update ?)
  3. Z

    Question No 5.1 sound Win10, splitter hdmi2.2 IN/passthrough/optical+hdmi2.2 OUT, 4k 60Hz uhd projector, dolby atmos soundbar

    I have issue because my PC recognize only projector and send only stereo sound (I don't know what format is output from my PC). I can't force it to 5.1 even splitter is set to just passthrough (I don't want to infect on sound quality with splitter) and optical cable is connected to soundbar and...
  4. P

    Solved! No rest for the wicked

    When I try to get my pc to sleep or hypernate, it shuts down instead, closing all programs and the work I am doing. This happens whether I shortly press the powerbutton, whitch is set to "sleep" in power settings, or I go to Win-key > power on/off > sleep. The same happens when I try with...
  5. M

    Booting "Puppy Linux" from USB

    I downloaded puppy linux, burned it on my USB (2gb) i tried to boot it but it doesn't work i've searched and wached some youtube videos about it i changed the BIOS settings and set the priority for booting from USB stick still when i open boot menu my USB is not appearing (sorry for horrible...
  6. D

    Unmountable Boot Volume after reassembly

    I opened my laptop to clean it following a guide on youtube. I put everything back and ran it once before putting on the back cover. After seeing the login screen, i shut it down, put the back cover, screws, and turned my lappy on. I got the unmountable boot volume blue screen I have tried...
  7. C

    Black screen (fan and battery/power lights on, but no logo, bios, windows... nothing)

    A few months ago my laptop went for repair from a different issue (which i can't remenber.. but it came with two new and spacious hard drives. Now, after around three months my laptop was acting very wierdly while playing videos, whether on wmp or youtube or etc. Sometimes the videos went green...