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  1. B

    Google Chrome/Mozilla opening up on their own with spam tabs

    Google Chrome keeps opening on its own with strange spam tabs, my antivirus isn't picking anything up, I looked trough my add-ons and there was nothing unusual. So I uninstalled Chrome, in hope of solving the problem, but it just continued to happen on Firefox, witch is my default browser. It...
  2. P

    Dell 17r inspiring, win7

    Laptop starts continuous nonstop beeping at startup within seconds of loading.
  3. T

    Wired and Wireless No Good

    A W520, Lenovo Thinkpad, Windows 7 64-bit. It has been working until yesterday, the first day at southern California: - Cox provided a NETGEAR modem/router, has dual band for WIFI, say Band1 and Band2 - Tried both bands are "Windows are unable to connecto xxx", or show as "Connected" in WIFI...
  4. C

    Repair Guy installed 32 Bit instead of 64 big a deal is that?

    I've got this one guy I've been using for years. He's really not into anything to do with programming, he pretty much just want's to replace parts and reinstall software. So, I did a bunch of my own diagnostics didn't come up with much and took it in. Ran Diskcheck. Fixed some NON system files...
  5. P

    Asus x555l and windows 7

    Hello all =) So , I recently bough a new laptop, nothing fancy because my budge was low... BUT it came with windows 10, no drivers or cd/dvd backup. So... i hate windows 10. i really want to install 7 64bits, but im afraid that i can´t find drivers for it ( and all the asus and intel little...
  6. J

    acer aspire vn7-791g windows 7

    Hi, i have big problems with my notebook. Its acer aspire vn7-791g, originally with win 8.1. I decide to do clean reinstal and instal win 7 ultimate 64bit. After first first start up with new windows, nothing work, because no drivers ofc. So i went to acer site find my model and there were...
  7. attacus

    Acer 6935 4GB to 8GB ram upgrade possible?

    Acer's website says that the 6935 and 6935g have a limit of 4GB ddr3 1066Mhz ram. However, the P45 chipset takes 8GB. Is there a surefire way to know if I can upgrade the ram without actually buying it? I have an unlocked bios version 1.20. The pictures shows a list of the menus that come with...
  8. C

    Best program to play music with on computer?

    So i am trying to get the most out of my computer's speaker set up...does what program i use to play the music (currently using microsoft windows media player) make a difference? if it does then what would be the best sounding and loudest program to use? i will pay for a program too so it...