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  1. C

    Question old ibm Thinkpad stuck on boot up with screen showing "0 > 1 "

    im trying to breath life into a really old ibm Thinkpad pentium 2. I think it runs windows NT or Windows 98 it turns on and asks me to enter the year and date then it gets stuck on next screen which shows a large window with an blinking image "0 > 1". but it won't respond to any keystrokes...
  2. S

    Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 GPU Memory

    How to increase GPU Memory in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007? I have only 4 MB in Windows 98.
  3. R

    Ins tall Windows 98 on a flashdrive

    I want to run some old software. I was told that I could put a compatible OS on a flash drive and then boot from it. I have a 98 installation CD that I purchase many many moons ago but when I try to install I get a message that I can’t install this version of windows within my current Windows 7...
  4. S

    VMware Workstation 3D Acceleration Windows 98

    How to enable 3D Acceleration in Windows 98 in VMware Workstation?
  5. G

    How much is my vintage computer worth?

    I have an old pair of vintage HP Vectra computers. They are both of the VL/200 series. They have some mild fading on them, (see pictures) and I have replaced the CD drive in both of them. They work fine though, and have been thoroughly tested and preloaded with Microsoft Windows 98 Second...
  6. Z

    Compaq Armada E500 Boot Problems

    So I have an old laptop that has been owned forever pretty much. I know it's old but I would still like to salvage it. It came with Windows 98 but it has since been upgraded to Windows 2000 Professional about a decade ago. It started getting blue screen errors about some hive file error or...
  7. My Life Is Tech

    Please Help: Microsoft Office 95 Professional 7.0b Update

    Does anyone here know where I can find the 7.0b update/ISO for Office 95 Professional? And if you have the update/ISO yourself, would it be possible to upload it temporarily so I can download it? Any help will be appreciated, please reply soon, thank you.
  8. My Life Is Tech

    [SOLVED] Microsoft Office 95/97 Year 2000 Fix/Update

    Does anyone have the year 2000 update files for Microsoft Office 95/97? Their names are as follows: 1. o95y2k.exe 2. o97dtfix.exe If anyone here has these files could you please point me somewhere where I can download them, or could you possibly upload your files somewhere so I can download...
  9. UItmaWepn

    How to make old or older programs work on newer versions of Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 8.1 and up.

    When I first discovered that I could do this about a decade and a half ago, not very many people knew about it. Now, there are quite a bit of people that know how but just in case your in the category of people that do not then I will teach you about this. I am referring to Compatibility Mode...
  10. Wing0

    Could a virus blow up a computer?

    I remember a long time ago when I had an old computer that ran windows 98, I got a message on it and it said, "Your computer will blow up in 5 seconds" I immediately unplugged it. Now I'm wondering if a virus could make a computer blow up. If a virus stops your computer from turning off in the...
  11. S

    vga Drivers for windows 98 (acer laptop travelmate 2200)

    dear friends i hv acer laptop and in its newly installed win98 so i need vga driver for its
  12. G

    Converting DELL Latitude CPi A Windows 98 to WIFI

    I have the laptop mentioned in the title. It's not essential that it has WIFI but I was hoping that there is a solution. My current theory on how to do it is: Install this driver...
  13. R

    is hard drive on 1750 replaceable

    Can I replace the hard drive on the 1750 without problems? What will happen to windows 98 that is on old drive?
  14. xXCowGoesWoofxx

    VirtualBox Wireless Internet?

    Hello, I currently have Oracle VirtualBox installed on my computer (Windows 7). The OS I have installed in VirtualBox is Windows 98. I would like to know if there is any way to get my Belkin USB WiFi Adapter (F91101v1) to work on Windows 98 in the VM?
  15. R

    How much is a used toshiba 2595 CDT laptop worth

    I have a fully operational Toshiba Sattelite 2595 CDT laptop, Pentium ll processor with all documentation with Windows 98. Does it have any value ?
  16. 9

    Flash player and Windows 98?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to install Flash Player on Win 98SE and it simply won't work. There is no version of flash on it now, and no antivirus to block installation. I'm running KernelEx with both Opera 10.10 and Firefox 3.6 and I've tried using both to install flash versions 8, 9, and 10.3 all...
  17. G

    ANy advice would be appreciated

    Hello, I have a laptop running windows 98 but it has no parallel port.It has two USB Ports.My printer only has Parallel port. Can I buy a USB/Parallel port adaptor to use the printer.If so, what do I need ? regards Charles
  18. T

    Compaq armada 1750 Windows 98

    Hello, Is this laptop wireless or do I need a cable to connect to modem? Thanks
  19. S

    Dell Laptop Latitude D600 Windows 98 Drivers

    I Need Dell Laptop Latitude D600 Windows 98 Drivers. e-mail:
  20. W

    Vaio notebook stuck entering dos mode

    Hello, I have recently rediscovered my old Sony Vaio Notebook (PCG-505E) Running Windows 98. I have cleaned it up, defragged it and got it running pretty well however I just tried to boot it in DOS mode and it is now stuck, very stuck! I got the following messages: Windows 98 is now starting...
  21. C

    Solved! No desk to in 98 just blank blue screen

    i have windows 98 it says i lost file msnp32.dll in safe mode i have no desk top and only got a blank blue screen can u help
  22. S

    How to band some particular website in internet

    Hello, how to band some particular website in internet we are using windows 98
  23. S

    Sony Vaio stuck in MS DOS boot mode

    I have a very old Sony Vaio Notebook (PCG-9231) running Windows 98. I decided to re-start it in "MS DOS" mode just to see if I could troubleshoot some OS glitches (I have no idea what i'm doing just so you know, I'm a Mac person) and now it's STUCK in "MS DOS" mode (guess thats what it's called)...
  24. H

    Solved! Compaq armada 1750 Windows 98

    In result of an attempt to install a font software, the laptop is no longer useable. It will not go into windows or safe mode. When booting up the message error loading explorer.exe. Then you must reinstall windows. I prefer not to loose my information. Does anyone have any ideas?
  25. H

    Solved! Compaq armada 1750 message error loading explorer exe you must reinstall windows

    Hello, compaq armada 1750 Windows 98. A result of an attempt to install a font software, the laptop is no longer useable. It will not go into windows or safe mode. When booting up the message error loading explorer.exe. Then you must reinstall windows. I prefer not to loose my information...
  26. exfileme

    Man Buys $3 Billion CD-ROM on Amazon

    An Amazon merchant posted a 3 trillion dollar pricetag for old Windows 98 software, and someone bought it. Man Buys $3 Billion CD-ROM on Amazon : Read more
  27. W

    How to unlock desktop icons on Windows 98

    Somehow all my desktop icons have become locked in position, except as choose the four arrangement options, by size, type, date or alphabetical. I'd like to "loosen" them for customized arrangements.
  28. exfileme

    Ballmer Says Windows 7 is Vista but Improved

    Remember how Windows 98 was a glorified, cleaner version of Windows 95? That's the difference consumers will see when comparing Windows Vista to Windows 7. Ballmer Says Windows 7 is Vista but Improved : Read more
  29. A

    mp3 player £150 windows 98

    i have £150 to spend on an mp3 player but i only have windows 98. what would you reccomend?
  30. R

    Network password problem? ? ?

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I had to reinstall Windows 98 in my laptop -- something I've done many times -- but this time, when it's all finished, now, every time I reboot, I have to "Enter Network Password" to get to the desktop. Actually, I don't enter anything -- I...
  31. T

    Booting Windows 98 from CD and USB attached hard drive

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi, I have a real challenge! I have a laptop that has XP installed on it. This has been provided by my employer and is locked down. I also want to use the PC for domestic use using Windows98. I have Windows98 on a bootable 2.5in disk, but...
  32. G

    Pocketpc usb driver for windows 98

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi, When I connect my Qtek S100 to my windows98 computer at work, it asks for drivers. I left the driver cd at home, and I can't seem to find any usb-drivers for PocketPC (or Windows Mobile). Does anyone know where I can find those...
  33. G

    enable pcmcia 32bit support on vaio

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I have a vaio pcg-505x and I have bought a cardbus card, when I install it windows 98 freeze. How can I enable the 32bit support? thanks
  34. T

    Windows 98 in 16 colors only?

    I've recently wiped an eMachines etower 566i that I had come by that DIDN'T have the disks with it. I reinstalled Windows 98 SE (which was also what came on it originally), and I found I was stuck in 16 colors! Windows seems to think that the Graphics Adapter is only capable of this, when before...