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  1. O

    Solved! Transferring Windows 10 installation from one device to another

    Hello, I would like to transfer a Windows Phone 10 installation from phone A (The factory installation was Windows Phone 8.1) to phone B. How can I do this?
  2. N

    iPad to two bluetooth speakers

    Hi, I have two of the same Amazon Basics Bluetooth Speakers and I want to sent them in different spots of the house/room and play the same music. When I turn them both on I see two different Amazon_BT1 Bluetooth IDs. I can click on both and both say 'Connected' but when I open an app, like...
  3. Lumia925

    Why are there so few official apps for my Windows Phone 8.1 device?

    It kinda makes me feel bad. Everyone uses an iPhone and an Android, and I wanted to be different, got myself a Windows phone (you can probably guess which one :p). But on every website I go, when I click on the "Get mobile app" option, the only choices are iOS and Android. There's no official...
  4. G

    windows phone 8 troubles

    My WP8 Lumia 521 will not update 8.1 or download flashplayer or many other windows platform programs and apps any real help out there?
  5. tomsguideUS

    How to Clear the 'Now Playing' List in Windows Phone 8

    Some Windows Phone users have reported an issue with the Music app. Specifically, they can't clear the "Now Playing" list when listening to music. To play individual songs, you'll want to clear that list. Here's how to get rid of the "Now Playing" List. Steps: 1...
  6. J

    windows phone 8.1 remote desktop app help

    i am usng lumia 920. i want to set up remote desktop app for first time but i dont have any idea how to do... its asking me to add credentials and i dnt have any idea what credentials it is talking about... help me experts.
  7. ToineF

    Can't update windows phone 8 this week?

    Hey Guys, I was wondering why I can't update my windows phone 8 this week. It's an unlock lumia 920 in Canada (bought by rogers) OS version: 8.10.12397.895 Here is the screenshot of what I get. Btw, i am on the developer's preview. Any ideas?
  8. I

    A need your advice / help

    Hello guys, I am currently doing my final dissertation for my master degree. I have chosen to make the link between the customer based brand equity and the purchase decision. Therefore I have chosen to study this relation in the smartphone industry. Could you please help me ? I need your...
  9. thatmoney

    Questions about Cortana in Windows 8.1 Dev Preview

    I recently got the dev preview for windows phone 8.1 and had some time to mess around with Cortana, this also raised a few questions. 1. Can Cortana support compound commands or just not yet? Ex: When I ask to set an alarm and look up the weather she does the first task but, not the second...
  10. S

    Windows Phone 8.1

    Can anyone tell the date on which Windows Phone 8.1 Updates will be available via air.
  11. S

    Cortana vs. Siri vs. Google Now

    How is the newly launched Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1 compared to Apple's Siri and Google's Google Now. Please share your views.
  12. K

    How to Optimize Battery Life on Windows Phone 8 Devices

    How to Optimize Battery Life on Windows Phone 8 Devices Introduction It is well known that Windows Phone's go very long on a single charge but in this tutorial we are going to increase that time! On my Windows Phone device I get up 72 Hours of battery on medium usage (Whatsapp, Wifi, Location...
  13. K

    How to Download Maps for Offline Use in Windows Phone 8

    How to Download Maps for Offline Use in Windows Phone 8 Introduction Many people don't know that in Windows Phone 8, you can download maps and use them anywhere at anytime with no connection at all, you don't even need location services turned on! This tutorial will teach people how to do just...
  14. K

    How to set a custom Ringtone in Windows Phone 8

    How to set a custom Ringtone in Windows Phone 8 Introduction Often times, phones don't come equipped with appealing ringtones and so in this tutorial, we will be uploading and selecting custom ringtones for our Windows Phone 8 device. Step 1 Connect your telephone to a computer. Step 2 Go to...
  15. E

    My Server app for Windows Phone 8 with Windows XP

    Hi! I have a home server running Windows XP - i know..... I made a mistake not install win server, but i didn't know of it then. Now i got a fully working server With dlna, vpn, sftp, http file downloading With Apache 2 Directory listing. I would really like to use the app "My Server" from...
  16. H

    Access files from a non-operating Windows Vista laptop via Windows Phone 8?

    Whenever I login to my HP Windows Vista laptop and try to open something, it stops responding, stucks, and never continues to run again until next restart. I've a million important files and pics saved on the laptop, and I can't access them. I've a Windows Phone 8, so was wondering if it could...