Why are there so few official apps for my Windows Phone 8.1 device?


Oct 16, 2014
It kinda makes me feel bad. Everyone uses an iPhone and an Android, and I wanted to be different, got myself a Windows phone (you can probably guess which one :p).
But on every website I go, when I click on the "Get mobile app" option, the only choices are iOS and Android. There's no official Yahoo app, no official BBC app, no official anything!
Heck, i couldn't even find an official Tom's app, if it exists at all..
Really love the way Windows Phone looks, and the features my Lumia offer, and I can access all these things directly from the bundled IE11 browser on the phone, but for the love of Pete, why aren't there Apps for the WP platform? It's been there for so long, Windows Mobile devices were present even before iPhones i believe, And even W8 devices with the NT core, have been there for quite some time. It's a brilliant platform, and a brilliant Nokia device, but no apps... It's almost like I'm still using Symbian!


Apr 20, 2012
I also don't understand why don't they grow their store. Seems like lack of interest/developers. Android and iOS are most used, they keep their concentration to get more users I guess. But I think WP are fast and virus free.