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  1. F

    I get an error when I open Microsoft Sql Server 2008 R2 on Windows 2008 Server Standard SP2.

    I have just uninstalled SQl Server 2008 due to error when I saved a Maintenance Plan. Then I reinstalled SQL 2008 Server R2 on this Server but I get the error when I open it. Please I will appreciate very much your help with this issue!
  2. T

    Antivirus for Windows Server 2008 r2

    Any one have any good but inexpensive antivirus subscriptions or downloads (not freeware or opensource etc.) for windows server operating systems such as windows server 2008 r2 and newer. I'm looking specifically one that is multidevice. the more the better. I have 3 rackmounts with 2 VMs per a...
  3. B

    Windows Server 2008 Lan Driver?

    guys do i need to install a lan driver in Windows Server 2008? or i just need to configure ? thx
  4. G

    taskeng.exe task manager

    Iam having windows server 2008 r2.. in taskmanager, more than 50 taskeng.exe process are running Server getting slow Help in this issue Is there any chance to stop taskeng.exe (Task scheduler).. If i stopped, Any problem in that???
  5. Bellzemos

    Default Restoring Windows Server 2008 to default settings?

    Hello! First of all, I'm new to servers. I've installed Windows Server 2008 x86 on an old PC and played with it, created a couple accounts, OUs, roles etc. I would like to revert it all back to the state when I installed it (plus keep the Windows updates - if possible). Is that possible to...
  6. A

    I am looking for excel fix tool?

    Hi! I’ve recently had a backdoor.trojan infect on Windows Server 2008 R2. It has since been removed. However, it corrupted my very important excel files. Is there a recommended software or tool that can repair these corrupted files? Please advise… Thanks!
  7. J

    64 bit processor

    Hi, I want to buy a laptop for running multiple operating system like windows 2012/windows 2008/ SCOM in Virtual machine. I need 64 bit processor. Please suggest how would I know the laptop which I will buy is 32-bit or 64 bit please suggest.. Which brand is better.
  8. J

    What is The best why to clone a Boot disk from Windows Server 2008 R2?

    Logical boot disk (hp array with 3 disks 146gb on RAID5) is going to fail. I need to clone to a new 300gb disk. What is the best way to do?
  9. M

    Looking for a laptop that supports virtualization

    Hi Guys, I want to purchase a laptop that supports virtualization and gaming. Basically I want to set up a lab comprising of softwares such vsphere5.5, vcenter , windows server 2008/2012 and shared storage and also that supports good graphics games. what should be the configuration of a...
  10. gigoe

    Windows Server 2008 Administratibve tools

    which are the Administratibve tools in Windows Server 2008? since i h ave to write assignment on it but don't know the admin tools in 2008 ? will any 1 please tell me with with little description of each tool
  11. E

    My Server app for Windows Phone 8 with Windows XP

    Hi! I have a home server running Windows XP - i know..... I made a mistake not install win server, but i didn't know of it then. Now i got a fully working server With dlna, vpn, sftp, http file downloading With Apache 2 Directory listing. I would really like to use the app "My Server" from...
  12. A

    Hardware monitoring question

    Please give me a free Hardware monitoring program compatibl with windows server 2008
  13. C

    DC synchronizing problem with AD Utility

    I have 2 DC in my environment DC1 and DC2 which are synchronized and when any change is done in DC1 it takes time to update in DC2 I have tried third party utility vendor and add DC2 in that software but problem still there it taking many hours to update in DC2 while change done in DC1 both...
  14. S

    Dell optiplex 380 lan drivers for windows server 2008 64 bit

    hi............. i have installed win server 2008 on dell optiplex 380 desktop but i can't found the driver's for the same on dell site also. so do the needful help ASAP.
  15. J

    Recommend an AV solution for Windows Server

    Here is my situation: I am running server with Microsoft Windows 2008 R2. This machine provides Terminal Services and hosts an application that many in my company make daily use of. The application is a database driven financial services application that we wrote in house. What would be an...
  16. H

    Virtual machines

    I want to setup a test server to play around with windows server 2008 and exchange server. Can i use a workstation running windows 7 and use the free version of vmware to run 2 virtual machines for sever 2008 and the exchange server?
  17. B

    Virtual pc

    I have virtual PC on my win 7 PC, I have windows server 2008 installed via virtual PC. When my mouse pointer is inside server 08, how do I get it back on win 7. What are the correct key strokes plz? thx
  18. deepak4network

    Communication between two OS's in the VM ware

    Hello, This is Deepak, i am using VM ware in my pc. i have installed windows server 2008 and windows 7 os's in the virtual machine. i have to make windows server 2008 as a server and i didnot installed Active Directory. and windows server as a client. The question is how to make...
  19. spasmolytic46

    Legal question

    I have a student copy of Windows Server 2008 RC2 from last year at school. I am not a student any longer. The computer that I used to run that on for class has been dismantled and spread across multiple machines in my household. The hard drive it was on has been wiped and reused for another...
  20. J

    Network monitoring screens

    Hello, i want to use one desktop for network monitoring screens. can i find a monitor splitter that can allow me split to about 6 screens on windows server 2008?
  21. G

    Easy setup for clustering home computers?

    Hi, I'd like to cluster my home computers so that any apps i run on one computer (could be host) use the resources of all the computers across my network. The computers i'd like to cluster are phenom II x6 amd dual core core 2 duo turion dual core router is 10/100 I'm wanting to use...
  22. J

    Backup Software

    Hi all, Can someone please tell me the best backup software to back up a server together with the OS and Active Directory. The OS is Windows Server 2008. Thanks in advance
  23. S

    Ghost windows server 2008 to a newer machine?

    Hi i would like to know. can you ghost windows server 2008 to a newer machine or will there be driver issues?
  24. SCSI Folk


    This seemed to be the best category for my query. Anyway: I'd like to set up a small home network and install Windows Server 2008 as a virtual HD. I want to install it on my machine that's already running Windows 7 and I understand I can still do this without blowing away the current OS. BUT...
  25. T

    Laptop for school(practicing windows server 2008/virtualization)

    Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for any advice! :) 1. What is your budget? 650-750 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? size not a factor 3. What screen resolution do you want? anywhere from 14" to 17" is fine 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop...
  26. D

    Should I buy Windows 2008 Server OEM or the normal?

    Hello, I am unsure if I should go for the cheaper OEM or the original product for windows 2008 server. Newegg sells an OEM copy. Any ideas?
  27. G

    TS RemoteApp for Mac

    Is there any way to run a RemoteApp from Windows 2008 Terminal Service on a Mac? I can run a remote desktop connection fine but a RemoteApp seems impossible at the moment.
  28. G

    Windows Vista SP1 To Be Released

    Redmond (WA) - The first significant update for Windows Vista is on its way to the consumer. SP1 is in production now and will be available to users in March. Microsoft also announced the release of manufacturing of Windows Server 2008. The service pac Windows Vista SP1 To Be Released : Read more
  29. M

    Windows Server 2008 Reviewed

    Microsoft will release Windows 2008 Server as the direct successor to Windows 2003 Server in the spring of next year. The new server OS, code named Longhorn, shares the same kernel with Windows Vista and incorporates many additions compared to its predecessor...