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  1. Anonymous_7791

    Solved! Cng.sys corrupt (without BSOD)

    Help! I have a Sony VPCCA,(Win7 Home premium) it was working all fine today, and then i did a shutdown. This evening i booted it again, and , it would display 'Starting windows' but the windows logo doesnt appear and it gets me into startup repair. StartupRepairOffline, Autofailover...
  2. O

    Solved! How to install Windows from recovered recovery partition only?

    My question is quite simple: in short, is there a way to re-install my original Windows 7 on my Asus laptop if I only have my OEM license key (that I got with the PC) and the recovery partition? Now the whole story: I bought the laptop a while ago, and I installed a Pro version of Windows 10 I...
  3. K

    Home Theatre PC OS

    For a home theatre PC, would you recommend Windows 7 or 10? (in this particular scenario, Windows MUST be used... NO other Operating Systems.)
  4. R

    Trojan: Win32/ Malagent!gmb

    Just had this show up on my laptop Trojan:Win32/Malagent!gmb MSE caught it and removed it. Anyone else have this issue.
  5. B

    Asus cursor error

    I'm using a ASUS laptop with windows 7. The cursor won't work without the mouse (USB) attached to the laptop. My laptop would only detect the mouse pad on the main log in screen. that is, when I log into my account my mouse would perfectly work . It is only when I am logged into my windows...