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  1. M

    Solved! laptop msi ms-16r4 - spilled wine - no power

    Like a numpty I spilled wine on my laptop msi ms-16r4. Now no power comes on. I tried taking the battery out, flushing the power, putting battery back in and still no power. I followed a Youtube tutorial and took the whole thing apart. Cleaned everywhere that had wine stains with isopropyl...
  2. B

    Wine spilled on Notebook, it works perfectly, should I be concerned?

    My mother has spilled some red wine on an ASUS K-555 notebook. It works. What next? I wasn't present when it happened, but I was informed later in the morning that my mother and father, both not so much tech savvy, did some saving measures. They turned it upside down and shook some of the wine...
  3. Lutfij

    How To Use iTunes On A Windows Or Linux Laptop

    iTunes is Apple’s one stop solution in their efforts to integrate their entire ecosystem. If it’s for downloading images of your iOS capable smart phone or uploading songs to your portable Apple branded media player, iTunes is the app you must have on your system provided ofc you have nothing...
  4. N

    My Galaxy wine won't let me get past unauthorized factory reset

    I cannot get past my Galaxy one unauthorized factory reset how do I get past it
  5. O

    Will a replacement fix a keyboard damaged by liquid spill?

    I spilled wine on laptop and keyboard would no longer work a few months back. I flipped laotop over to let dry...used alcohol to clean between keys w q tips, but accidentally a few keys using a hair dryer...Yes...I know ...heat was too close to keys...I have been using a portable keyboard...
  6. F

    wine accident with keyboard, do I need to relined stiff switches

    so I spilled wine on my keyboard. I have cleaned the inside with isopropyl, as well as cleaning all the keys and allowing them to dry. it now works fine, apart from a bit of a smell. However some keys stick in and are stiff. I have tried the hot water and straw method which works for a few...
  7. S

    Which social Wine Apps do you use?

    I want an app where I can share what I am tasting with my friends. What do you recommend? It needs to work well out of the USA
  8. E

    Spilled wine all over laptop

    2 hours ago, i spilled a full cup of white wine all over my laptop. The laptop immediately shut down and i went to take a cloth to clean the exterior. However at that time, i forgot to shut the charger off or take out the battery...i only did that much later. I managed to flip my laptop into a L...
  9. O

    Naturalreader 6.6 download location?

    In an attemp to get tts text to speech of a better quality on an ubuntu 12.04 computer, I installed naturalreader 11 free using wine. It will install, but will not open or work. On a wine forum I read, that naturalreader 6.6 free to some extend, will run on wine. I cannot find a download...
  10. JMcEntegart

    Amazon Now Selling Wine to Customers in 12 States

    Second time's a charm for etail giant. Amazon Now Selling Wine to Customers in 12 States : Read more
  11. G

    The Concept Cabinet for Wine Connoisseurs

    Why wait for decades, when wine can be aged before the guests arrive? The Concept Cabinet for Wine Connoisseurs : Read more
  12. JMcEntegart

    Pennsylvania's Wine Dispensing Vending Machines

    Do you live in Pennsylvania and find that dealing with whomever happens to be standing at the register ruins your booze-buying experience? Well, lucky for you, the state has just introduced the country's first "wine kiosks." Pennsylvania's Wine Dispensing Vending Machines : Read more
  13. G

    Skybar One Wine System is ''Sophistication''

    Enjoy the style points of a wine dispenser—so long as you're near a wall socket. Skybar One Wine System is ''Sophistication'' : Read more
  14. G

    The Table Perfect for Your 52" LCD

    It's great for your wine collection too The Table Perfect for Your 52" LCD : Read more
  15. G

    The Classiest Drive Enclosures You'll Ever See

    Now all you need is some wine, an expanded vocabulary, and better hygiene The Classiest Drive Enclosures You'll Ever See : Read more
  16. G

    It Isn't Too Late: 19 Photo Gifts For Mom

    Online stores that will make photo wine, canvases, candles, crystals, blankets and other keepsakes emblazoned with a family visage. It Isn't Too Late: 19 Photo Gifts For Mom : Read more
  17. towely

    Red Wine on MBP LCD Screen

    So my friend managed to spill red wine on the screen of my new macbook pro. it was during a party and I wasn't sleeping in my room that night, so I did not notice until the following morning. I tried cleaning it with laptop screen cleaner and a 50/50 water/alcohol solution but to no avail...