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  1. Isaiah90

    Solved! How can I help my laptop recognize Bluetooth headphones?

    I have an HP 15.6" Laptop with Windows 10, DVD Player/Writer, Bluetooth/HDMI/Ethernet - 1TB Storage (15-db0031nr) that won't recognize Sony MDRXB950b1 extra base headphones. I tried contacting Sony and they said there's nothing wrong with the headphones. I bought a Bluetooth adapter and that...
  2. C

    Using wireless headphones with Samsung tv

    I have a Samsung tv, model UN32J5003AFXZA version LS03. I have a wireless headphone system from Sony model MDR-RF995R. It has the 3.5mm jacks and I do have RCA cables with a 3.5mm end as well. I need to know what I need to hook the headphones up to the tv with no audio out inputs. It has 2...
  3. J

    The Sound Card + Wireless Heaphones Dilema!

    Hello from Spain! tl;dr Headset: Sound Blaster 3D Rage Wireless headset (USB conexion to MOBO) Sound Card: Sound Blaster Z Questions: Will they work together just fine, or does the headset need to be connected to the Sound Card directly by cable, in order to work? (Bare in mind this headset...
  4. tomsguideUS

    Win an XQISIT Bluetooth Headset from Tom’s Guide!

    Tom's Guide wants you to rock out in style! Win an XQISIT Bluetooth Headset from Tom’s Guide! : Read more We got a box in the mail from the people over at mobile accessory maker XQISIT. What was inside? We’re glad you asked: Five of their LZ380 Wireless Headsets for us to give to you, the...