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  1. J

    Best Kodi Addons For Premier League Football?

    Hi guys, I have a Nvidia shield TV and I love it! I use it for streaming games, movies and all sorts. I use Kodi all the time and I have a 4K TV and I know that you won't be able to get 4K football stream but I want a better quality stream than 480P. I am willing to pay a subscription fee as...
  2. T

    Building a OTA DVR that is also a Linux box running KODI (XBMC)

    Approximate Purchase Date: Late 2015 or Early 2016 Budget Range: Up to $500 System Usage from Most to Least Important: OTA DVR, KODI (XBMC) for streaming free content (not pirating). Parts Not Required: I already have a nice long range antenna hooked directly to my TV at the moment...
  3. I

    HTPC Options - Plex vs Kodi/XBMC vs Emby/Media Browser

    I'm planning on getting a HTPC - not decided now between Raspberry Pi 2 vs dedicated HTPC. Will be used in my home theatre room and would like it to be constantly on and downloading via Bittorrent. I am wondering about what app/server option I should go with I will be storing all my media on...
  4. O

    First HTPC for XBMC

    Hello, Im looking to build a HTPC for XBMC and need suggestions on the motherboard and CPU and SSD HHD. We only stream and sometimes download. We do not game no do we need a blue ray player because we only stream. Every time I look at components I go to big, I want to go cheap but best.best. Im...
  5. THRobinson

    Android App for Controlling a PC

    Not sure if should go under software or tablets... Anyways, I tried an app called MONECT which does an ok job but, remote desktop crashes and no single screen with keyboard and mouse you have to switch back/forth. What I'm looking for is a good/free app that I can install onto my Win7x64...
  6. ConsultingGeek

    Xbox Media Remote and XBMC

    I have a Xbox 360 Media Remote (the newer black one) that I want to use with XBMC. I've looked around and didn't really find anything useful. Some said that it could work with the right IR receiver. My questions is, can I use the IR receiver built into my TV? When I use XBMC I connect my laptop...